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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Social studies covering up leftism vs psychoticism correlations

As was demonstrated by the forced retractions and erratum of some social studies publications on political views versus certain character traits.

Lovely! That's a kind of data obfuscation and "accidental" words reversal in conclusions, to be expected - if the authors themselves are psychotics!

This procedure was uncovered and reported by students (Steven G. Ludeke and Stig H. R. Rasmussen) for a number of publications. Which then lead to a forced retraction and erratum published by the authors. This article on Retraction Watch website describes what happened:

Retraction Watch
Tracking retractions as a window into the scientific process

Conservative political beliefs not linked to psychotic traits, as study claimed

(thanks Drew Maharaj!)


Researchers have fixed a number of papers after mistakenly reporting that people who hold conservative political beliefs are more likely to exhibit traits associated with psychoticism, such as authoritarianism and tough-mindedness.

As one of the notices specifies, now it appears that liberal political beliefs are linked with psychoticism. That paper also swapped ideologies when reporting on people higher in neuroticism and social desirability (falsely claiming that you have socially desirable qualities); the original paper said those traits are linked with liberal beliefs, but they are more common among people with conservative values.

I would like to point out a theory (originally proposed by Stan P. aka "Dozent") and some of my articles linking collectivism with the atavistic fall-back to a hierarchical primate heard society, see here.
and here


Lack of social skills made us human

Scientists find liberal gene


Human regression, anthropology


"Nomadic" (Homo Sapiens)  "Boomers" (Simian Sapiens)
outwardly - individualists,
inwardly - co-operative
outwardly - collectivists, inwardly
- aggressive and competitive
disobedient followers
adaptive, flexiblestatic, rigid
racially blind intolerant of strangers
value creativityafraid of new
dislike static ordervalue stability
rely on individual workwork unconnected to wealth
authorities = problemsauthorities = source of wealth
strong team bondsstrong social group bonds
manipulate environmentmanipulate people
technical and science skillslack of technical abilities
logic and mathverbal reasoning and rhetorics
observe what worksobserve what others say
individual survival prioritygroup has priority
idealizes religionsuses religions
support commerce consider it unfair profiteering
nomadic mentalitysettled mentality
highly focused on 1 taskmultitasker
"What I produce belongs to me""What you produce belongs to us"

Last but not least, I recommend Susan Cain's book "Quiet..." on introvertism: where she describes some characters of people that would traditionally be associated with individualism (as opposed to collectivism). See also this.


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