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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The only way to fix GM is to close it down...

The news is that Canadian GM management has decided to increased salaries for non-unionized white collar (read - management) employees. A few months ago all the employees "white" and "blue" took up to 10% pay cut, now it seems they are restoring only the white collar salaries, but not the blue-collar hourly wages! The original pay cut for everyone saved the company 50M$ a few months ago. This pay restoration now will cost the company similar amount of 50M$ dollar. The ratio of white collar (=management) to workers in Canadian GM is 1700:7500. Those numbers indicate that the "pay restoration" will actually amount to a significant pay increase for the management, probably four times their original pay cut. It is also possible to calculate the average manager's salary...

Source: Peterborough Examiner 19-Sep-2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Living to 115 on crispy bacon,0,6915924.story


Gertrude Baines dies at 115; the world's oldest person
All the while, Baines slept away in her robe, now and then breaking from her routine of crispy bacon, Jerry Springer and church services to take interviews.