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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Was the Climate Action Plan a population reduction in disguise?

The new US president is said to have removed all references to global warming/curbing carbon emission initiative, from the government website!

Had the world governments succeeded depleting carbon dioxide, it would speed up the coming of the new ice age. It may still happen. Ice age is the greatest threat to humanity and the biosphere, since a cold climate means not only more ice but it means also a dry climate!

Double whammy - first the Earth would loose most of the agricultural viable land in the Northern temperate climates, then it would cause desertification of the tropical areas causing a further damage to agriculture. Result: dramatic reduction of the human and animal population due to starvation! I would like to make Carbon Curbers and my other progressive friends think if that may have been perhaps the original hidden intention?

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1. Humanity be proud!

 "Human emissions of carbon dioxide have saved life on Earth from inevitable starvation and extinction due to lack of CO2"

October 2015 Annual GWPF Lecture, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London.

2. Honestly...

Global Warming data fiddle:

3. After the dust settles

There is a consistent ice-core evidence suggesting that each time before an ice age ended, there was a large spike of atmospheric dust. This may suggest that the dust spike may have been in fact the main trigger of glacial meltdown. Where does the dust came from?  Not sure - volcanic perhaps or was the dust blown off the arid deserts of the continental interiors?  I would probably be more inclined towards the latter since the ice age climate is known to have been much drier thus turning the vast areas of land into deserts.  This would also present an automatic feedback mechanism were upon at some point the cooling off of the Earth, the cold climate creates so much continental deserts that the amount of dust blown over the glaciers causes their melt-down.  In this picture a paradoxical carbon-dioxide time lag with respect to the temperature data can be explained by the CO2 (and methane!) out-gassing from the warming oceans, this being the result of the climate warming rather than the cause.

Picture from the above-linked article with my comments:

Update (6-Feb-2017):