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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Does high carbohydrate diet cause cataracts?

"Carbohydrate intake and glycemic index in relation to the odds of
early cortical and nuclear lens opacities"


Results: After multivariate adjustment, the odds of cortical opacities (LOCSIII ">=" 1.0) among women in the highest tertile of carbohydrate intake (">=" 200 g/d) was 2.46 times (95% CI: 1.30, 4.64; P for trend = 0.005) that among women in the lowest tertile ( "<"185 g/d).
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"Lipid Levels in Patients Hospitalized with CAD"

"Lipid Levels in Patients Hospitalized with CAD: An Analysis of 136,905 Hospitalizations in GWTG-CAD"

(link posted by Ricardo, on Hyperlipid blog. Thanks!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Corrupt Irish government cheating their citizens on pay cuts!

Interesting story.

After several months of negotiations with trade unions, the private and public sector workers agreed to cut their salaries by 10%. The private sector promptly implemented the cuts. Now, it turns out that the Irish government did indeed cut wages by 10%, but also moved 340,000 of their civil servants (probably a majority of the employed) up the pay scale ladder on the basis of time served. Not only it cancelled out the pay cuts but resulted in the overall payroll increase by 250million eu or ~735 eu MORE per employee!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Letter to Mr. Anti-Nuclear Environmentalist

Dear Mr. "Anti-Nuclear Environmentalist",

Your article in the Peterborough Examiner of 6-May-2009 ("Darlington Nuclear Plan...") seems highly biased. You seemed to have picked up and quoted only the anti-nuclear voices while totally missing other views.

People who state opinions such as quote: "I'm against nuclear. I'm trying to think ahead seven generations,..." are misled, mistaken and most often incompetent on the subject they speak about! Not only they may be jeopardizing their own future "seven" generations through their misguided anti-nuclear energy politics, but they may be closer to a personal disaster even within their own life time due to the imminent shortage of oil and natural gas and their inevitable skyrocketing prices, the example of which we have just witnessed last year! This will happen sooner than Ms Langley or you may think. I can picture people like her sitting in unheated houses unable to travel except on foot and unable to find work due to business failures.

If you advocate turning the society back into 18-th century life style, you may have to face some tough choices. If the rampant anti-technology anti-science environmentalism takes an even bigger hold on people's mind driving our politics to the dead end, then the same enthusiasts of wildlife protection at any cost may eventually have to resort to hunt those animal for food and furs just to survive!

Stan (Heretic)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Vitamin A,D3,K2 - toxicity levels

This is a short comment to summarize the situation, based on information gathered from the most recent nutrition studies as well as some of the most useful nutrition blogs (Stephan's, Peter's and Chris Masterjohn's - see the links on the left margin).

The issue of supposed toxicity level of D3 is being slowly unraveled in recent research. It turns out that A,D3 and (probably) K2 must come together in balanced proportions, thus some studies that were increasing D3 alone without A reported toxicity of D3 at a lower level than other studies where D3 may have come from natural produce (like fish oil) thus came together with vitamin A! A and D3 always seem to come together in animal food (any exceptions?). The same story repeats with studies analyzing toxicity of vitamin A. Again, the toxic A levels come out lower when only A is being increased on it's own, versus if it comes with natural fats like fish oil, butter, liver, yolks etc. Also, it appears that the body's synthesis of A out of carrotenoids from vegetables (or absorption) is impaired without sufficient level of fat in food. Subsequently, the sunlight-induced synthesis of D3 out of cholesterol, or the utilization of D3 seem to be deficient when not enough vitamin A is present in the system.

All of the above is absolutely consistent and may explain why do low fat vegetarians, even in sunny places like Arizona or Florida may and often do get deficient in both A and D3.

Merck paid Elsevier to publish a fake "peer review" medical journal

Australasian Journal of Bone and Joint Medicine

Read the story on this blog

New accounting-"What would you like it to be, sir?"

Banks Won Concessions on Tests, Fed Cut Billions Off Some Initial Capital-Shortfall Estimates

I used to think that accounting were just some boring arithmetics. Not anymore, I am really impressed by the approach taken by Mr. US President.

On his other notable achievement in just his first 100 days in the office, I would like to congratulate him on the first in US history successful transfer of wealth from the poor population (see examples like this or that ) who most likely voted him, to the wealthy financial elite who most likely did not!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Strange thing about Marshall Protocol

About MP

One aspect is particularly interesting:

It causes some initial side effects in the first few months, occurring in occasional bursts, such as tachycardia, hypo-tension, hyper-adrenal episodes, among others.

Marshall claims says these are caused by unblocking of the VDR (Vitamin D Receptor) and other receptor sites that used to be previously blocked by bacteria for the purpose of paralyzing and disabling the human immune system.

Those were the same symptoms that I had in the first 3 months of the high fat low carb Optimal Diet, in 1999/2000!

Sudden release of the immune blockage and unblocking of various hormonal receptors, may lead to various often dangerous side effects and symptoms, the more so the more colonized was the body by bacterial parasites and thus the bigger the change. This is also what Dr. J. Kwasniewski and Dr. W. Lutz wrote! The initial side effects of the high fat low carb nutrition are proportional to the degree of prior body damage. Lutz specifically says that the problem is caused by the overactive immune system that "kicks in" the moment one goes high fat and low carb.

Kwasniewski says that when a chronically sick patient starts high fat low carb nutrition, a disease may starts fighting back as if it were a wild animal fighting for it's own survival. It may occur in fits and occasional bursts every few weeks, then months, weaker and weaker and rarer and rarer.

I think Dr. Kwasniewski was probably more right about it in a factual (not figurative) way, than I originally thought!

Stan (Heretic)