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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Baby boomers' monkey business

What do the following terms have in common: Ardipithecus, monkeys’ social habits, high sugar + cereal diet, Lipitor™, vegetarianism, environmentalism, political collectivism, herd mentality, break-down of family values, excessive focus on entertainment, business-destroying corporate management based on consensus not competence, de-industrialization, engineering decline and medical science failure?

I am going to expand upon that. Existence of some connection in the above listed items was originally postulated by Stan Piotrowski (aka "Dozent") in response to my theory explaining the strikingly (to me) consistent social habits and culture of the generation of people born just after WWII (1940-ties to 1950-ties), in Europe (West + East) and N.America. My theory postulated reincarnation of some ancient technologically-inept collectivist-minded differently-logical people into the midst of our modern technology-based individualistic civilization. On the other hand, Dozent's theory replaced my metaphysics with pure biology, evolution, genetic programming, and atavistic fallback to the social behavior from our very distant evolutionary past.

Here is Dozent’s theory in a nutshell, in his own words:
Recently you have told me that the looters are cavemen. You are wrong. Totally, utterly wrong. If anything, WE are cavemen. We eat meat. We hunt. We build fires and spears. [....]

To explain my thesis I have to go back to the first time I have seen a TV program on "Ardi" - the earliest known humanoid. Ardi walked upright and had small teeth. Just like us. He wasn't aggressive. He was a hunter and gatherer. Males brought food home and shared life with a female. Females choose good providers and husbands, not an aggressive unattached types. The teeth are a proof of it.

Chimps and Gorillas went the other way. We don’t descent from monkeys, Ayn Rand didn’t know that. Apes are a different evolutionary line which rewarded strength and aggression. The big gangster type. Large gun and no respect for his woman. Ardi was not a chimp-like creature. Neither was "Lucy" the Australopithecus. They did not look like an ape and they did not behave like an ape. We can see it from the results. From the size of our bodies, our teeth, our testicles and our penises. They all point to one-to-one stable relationship. Not based on aggression and sex.

If we were like apes, women would have a red protruding behinds and the men would be twice as big with very large teeth and very aggressive sexually driven behavior.

This observation has eluded me for years.

Back to my thesis. The looters are not cavemen. They are Chimps. Mini-skirts and large half-naked breasts are an equivalent of big red arses. Big guns and motorcycles are equivalent of large canines. Aggression and submission are dominant behavior. Everyone tries to be an Alpha dominant male, a "silverback". They can't work. They don't think. They drink beer (carbs) and eat cereals (carbs). They behave like Chimps not like Cavemen. They look like Chimps, they talk like Chimps and behave like Chimps. They are Chimps.

This is a discovery which eluded me. You do not try to befriend a chimp. You stay away and so does he. You do not try to appease an aggressive chimp. […]

This is not arrogance. This is not "I am better then them" etc... I may not be better I am different. I am a Human. They are Chimps.

The most popular movies right now are all about vampires. Vampires are creatures who live among humans look like humans but behave like..., yes you have guessed it, Chimps. You can call them Chimps or you can call them vampires. You do not call them Cavemen. That is offensive to my noble ancestors who lived in natural caves before they learned to build artificial "caves". They did it so as to protect their children and family from the environment.

They also dressed up in animal skins to be warm not undressed up to show their canines and biceps or their red arses. That was before they have learned how to make an artificial skin called fabric. Yes, caves were rare and they had to be shared. They had names, individuality and respect for the skills. They cared for their families, their children, their parents and their friends.

Stan, Cavemen were US, not THEM.

Stanislaw P., a human.