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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Is modern wheat variety more toxic?

This time I am posting some blog links, to indicate an important issue that we should really pay a very close attention to:

 Dwarf mutant wheat

Why do morphine-blocking drugs make you lose weight?

The second link discusses the addictive opiate-like properties of wheat exorphines.

Very interesting discussions of metabolic and biochemnical effects of wheat:

Hyperlipid Blog

To complete the picture, here is another must-read article by Denise Minger on this subject:

The China Study, Wheat, and Heart Disease; Oh My!

Last but not least my own simple graph presentation of China study heart disease versus wheat consumption:

China Study says wheat is associated with vascular disease


Dr. B G said...

Additional toxicities to humans associated with wheat and other milled grains are:

(a) dough conditioners which contain bromides, reactive halides which displace iodide/iodine disrupting the thyroid, endocrine system, HPA-gonad axis, enzymes, proteins and increasing autoimmunity disorders

(b) bleaching with chlorine -- ditto

(c) GMO -- xeno-genetics!!

(d) pesticides -- wheat, corn and soy are the most heavily sprayed crops with herbicides and pesticidies

(e) fungicides to prevent mold (smut) and pests in every level of storage -- methylbromide, etc.

All the above are endocrine disruptors.

Stan Bleszynski said...

Absolutely! But some factor must have been playing since around 1900 when heart disease begun rapidly rising. It may be some industrial contaminants or it may be some intrinsic but subtle toxicity of the modern varieties. Interestingly, statistics for heart disease in Poland begun rising only in the 1930-ties and after the WWII, not in the early 1900-dreds as in the West. Same with cancer. Since wheat processing would have been similar, a difference in wheat genome seems to be a more likely factor. Of course I am just speculating. I will have to do some research on this.

Miki said...

Another factor to be taken into account is shorter fermentation time from weeks (WA Price - Switzerland) to half days (French baguettes) to one hour presently worldwide.

Stan Bleszynski said...

Quite possible too, I think.