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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vit D in childhood and diabetes T1 or schizophrenia - almost total protection!


Fatty fish, such as salmon etc, are natural sources of vitamin D. (source - Wikipedia)

How often do we see a statistical risk reduction of some disease 8-times (relative risk reduction RR=0.12) or by a factor of 12 (RR=0.08)?   One cannot be 100% sure based on the outcome of just two studies but I am tempted to entertain an idea of the TOTAL PROTECTION, with the residual incidents possibly explained by non-conformance or observational errors.

Intake of vitamin D and risk of type 1 diabetes: a birth-cohort study.


Vitamin D supplementation was associated with a decreased frequency of type 1 diabetes when adjusted for neonatal, anthropometric, and social characteristics (rate ratio [RR] for regular vs no supplementation 0.12, 95% CI 0.03-0.51, and irregular vs no supplementation 0.16, 0.04-0.74. Children who regularly took the recommended dose of vitamin D (2000 IU daily) had a RR of 0.22 (0.05-0.89) compared with those who regularly received less than the recommended amount. Children suspected of having rickets during the first year of life had a RR of 3.0 (1.0-9.0) compared with those without such a suspicion.

Vitamin D supplementation during the first year of life and risk of schizophrenia: a Finnish birth cohort study.


RESULTS: In males, the use of either irregular or regular vitamin D supplements was associated with a reduced risk of schizophrenia (Risk ratio (RR)=0.08, 95% CI 0.01-0.95; RR=0.12, 95% CI 0.02-0.90, respectively) compared with no supplementation. In males, the use of at least 2000 IU of vitamin D was associated with a reduced risk of schizophrenia (RR=0.23, 95% CI 0.06-0.95) compared to those on lower doses. There were no significant associations between either the frequency or dose of vitamin D supplements and (a) schizophrenia in females, nor with (b) nonpsychotic disorder or psychotic disorders other than schizophrenia in either males or females.

CONCLUSION: Vitamin D supplementation during the first year of life is associated with a reduced risk of schizophrenia in males. Preventing hypovitaminosis D during early life may reduce the incidence of schizophrenia.

Update (6/9/2010):

Another paper on the subject (thanks Neonomide):

Relation of schizophrenia prevalence to latitude, climate, fish consumption, infant mortality, and skin color: a role for prenatal vitamin d deficiency and infections?

A review article by J.J. Cannell MD of "The Vitamin D Council":

The Vitamin D Newsletter August 2009, Vitamin D and Schizophrenia

More update (18/09/2010)

Paper: Schizophrenia, gluten, and low-carbohydrate, ketogenic diets: a case report and review of the literature


C.D. is a 70 year-old Caucasian female with a diagnosis of schizophrenia since the age of seventeen. Her diagnosis was based on paranoia, disorganized speech, and hallucinations. She reported both auditory and visual hallucinations,... she has had these hallucinations on almost a daily basis since the age of seven. ...has also been hospitalized at least five times over the last six years for suicide attempts and increased psychotic symptoms.

... Over the course of 12 months, C.D. has continued the low-carbohydrate, ketogenic diet and has had no recurrence of her auditory or visual hallucinations. She has also continued to lose weight (body weight 131.4 kilograms) and experience improvements in her energy level.


Neonomide said...

Greetings from Finland, the top place in the world for getting diabetes I or II ! Over 10% of people here have DM2 too ! We rock ! ^^

Regarding schizophrenia and Vit D, you are gonna love this paper:

Vitamin D Council director and psychiatrist John Cannell raves about it here:

Oh and my wonder country got nro 1 spot in Newsweeks' recent "Best countries in the world" report ! So it must be also because our most expensive drugs for the state insurance system are - you guessed it - schizophrenia drugs !

Hospital admissions for DM2 rule here too - we have 15 place in the evaluation of quality of diabetes care AND our leading DM2 researher works his hat of in the leading Nordic SUGAR company !

Ok, I give up. I'm obviously too young to give an impression which is cynical enough...c

Stan (Heretic) said...

Hi Neonomide,

Greetings from Canada. No not yet cynical enough but you are on the way, it comes naturally with age 8-:)

I understand exactly what you were trying to say in betwen the lines. I also used to live in a country that was a leading economic "tiger" for a while and I was lucky being able to move to a less "booming" economy a decade ago. Hopefully it may end up better for Finland. Couldn't be worse. You don't have a large "booming" banking sector and oversized government sector, I hope?

Best regards and thanks for the link.


Stan (Heretic) said...

P.S. - there is also a documented link between vitamin D defficiency and diabetes type 2 which corroborates what you have written.

Neonomide said...

Hi & sry for a late comment !

Regarding finnish public health sector, I just kick-started health culture studies as part of my cultural studies program and read a fine book from a leading finnish health sociologist tonight, 300 pages of nice critique of medicalization. He has a lecture in our course after 1½ weeks too.

My view kinda is, that finnish public health system sucks overall, but sucks less in terms of costs than in mid-europe. Can't say much how it compares with US or Canada though.

A very strong state-driven healthcare ideology has kept the independent health sector quite small here. Yet I think nowhere else the state pays for them too ! This of course tends to lead to excess examinations and money pumping. Each and every citizen here has a fully covered state-paid insurance, yet drugs cost relatively more than in say, Belgium.

Oh and everyone has been raving this week on the resurrection of "The Fat War", big boys have been debating on TV and so on. ^^

parmeswar said...


We would like to exchange links with you.. If you are interested kindly reply us..


Stan (Heretic) said...

Hi parmeswar,

I was looking though your blogs but I didn't see any synergy and are not heretical enough. 8-:)

I am very interested on some of the topics, but for example:

- cars and aeronautics - from a totally nerdish perpspective of mine: I would be more fascinated by what is inside them than outside! Besides piston and tubo-jet engines are history. To me it feels as exciting as watching oxen cart exhibitions or ploughing competitions. There HAS to be a better way...

I know there is...

- mental health blog: didn't notice much news or in-depth articles. It may be my way of looking at things, perhaps I am just too science-oriented? Sorry.

- phys fitness blog: I think its a step in the wrong direction. Don't get me wrong - physical fitness is valuable but it is not a panaceum and it is not (I think) even a second most important factor in our health.

Best regards,