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Friday, October 8, 2010

U.S. Air Force Officers Recount Experiences With UFOs

ABC News article by KI MAE HEUSSNER, Sept.27,2010

During a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., seven former Air Force officers once stationed at nuclear bases around the country said that not only have UFOs visited Air Force bases, some have succeeded in disabling nuclear missiles stationed there.  ...

Why am I quoting this?  I don't know, though I am getting an impression that something is changing about the tone of the media outlets, regarding this particular topic.  Perhaps this fact is important!


Anonymous said...

This is probably annoying, but, I'm going to say this anyway: Your thoughts are rather elusive/vague on this. I mean, in print (in post on Aliens). Would love to see your thoughts expanded. I have only since around November, last year, started to reconsider my views on UFOs. I find the subject fascinating. But I can't appreciate things at a certain level because I don't have a certain background. You have most probably read a lot around this subject/considered this to some depths. If you don't mind referring to interesting readings, or describing what you think around this subject, please detail on (at some point). Well, any readings actually, that you find particularly interesting; can you list some! I have looked through your blog, I have picked up a few new reads, in the comment sections, which is good! I will then leave you alone, for a while! :)

Stan (Heretic) said...

It's not annoying at all, I am used to it 8-:)

I found that among the least prejudiced material on this subject are books written by Jacques Vallée.

You are on an uncharted territory. There is no such think as textbooks or data that one can trust. The only thing that we can really trust is thus our own personal experience. My interest in it was always fuelled by my childhood experience, an observation of a UFO flying over at high altitude yet still clearly visible as a metallic disk.

Without such experience, you would have to rely on various authors' interpretations and many, often unreliable witness reports. Without a concrete corroboration one cannot easily tell apart fake reports from true and it is impossible to achieve high degree of accuracy.

A word of caution: once you start exploring the unknown disregarding the mainstream society's retarded pardon regressed opinions of what is and what isn't appropriate to study and explore, you become a true heretic.

In my case my heretical career actually started with researching UFO as a hobby back 25 years ago. One mystery led into another - ancient civilisations hypotheses. Then got interested in cold fusion and anomalous energy research, studied non-local human perception phenomena, then begun reading a lot about alternative medicine which led to re-discover the fact that fat and cholesterol do not cause heart disease, etc. That last heresy - high fat nutrition, turned out to be actually the most controversial and the least pallatable to most regressors I ever met on my path. Probably because they could not refute the easily reproducible data and facts. They could only ignore them!

Last but not least, if you do decide to explore the unknown, I recommend to either build upon your personal experience (if you have it) if experiments are too difficult or impractical as in UFO, or do it more "hands-on", more actively than than just reading some books, in those other areas. You will learn more and learn quicker that way.



Anonymous said...

'Last but not least, if you do decide to explore the unknown, I recommend to either build upon your personal experience (if you have it) if experiments are too difficult or impractical as in UFO, or do it more "hands-on", more actively than than just reading some books, in those other areas. You will learn more and learn quicker that way.'

Hmm, how should I interpret this? What does this mean, to do it more "hands-on"? Other than reading, or talking to people?

In all honesty, I am a bit fearful of these mind opening pursuits with regards, to consciousness and perception. My father (working class background (quite conservative upbringing) grew up as a little boy, and "saw" things; he also had an 'imaginary' 'friend' for quite some time into his 20s. My brother also saw a little boy sat at the end of his bed, when he was small, left terrified by the experience. My Mum became frightened sometimes, with the things she experienced whilst, being some place, with my father; just very strange things would happen; but eerie things, like not being able to find the way out of a field; not being able to find a gate for hours on looking; though knowing the field 'like the back of ones hand' as my Mother grew up on the land.....

Anonymous said...

I think I try to block certain things out, as irrational, because I am fearful of them. I have had certain experiences where I have 'sensed' things that just feel very wrong in my environment when out walking, or in certain places, to cause me to turn back. But I always have reasoned that I have a particularly over active imagination, because of the way my family have spoken of strange experiences. Either that or as a family we are prone to psychotic/paranoid delusional thinking/sensitivities....

But there are places that I have been, and years later the people I went with volunteered that these places had given them the 'creeps', but no one had talked about at the time, but had come away with exactly the same feeling; later finding some historical details that justifies our feelings of fear, our awareness of something dreadful having happened. For instance, a group of us were out walking over some hills in the Scottish Highlands, and we came across, after miles of walking, buildings, houses, that had been abandoned, I was not aware at the time, because I was a quite young teen, of the Highland clearances. But I felt very strange there, it just felt very wrong somehow. And I know you can just say, well of course! Abandoned buildings, things all left intact, no people, in the middle of know-where, being a teenager, and false memory?!!

Because of such experiences, I tend to think that certain psychological things can be left in a place, absorbed into the environment, that can be felt in another time, though not knowing what it really means at the time that it is experienced/sensed by another; other than it translating to some kind of fear in you as you experience some thing outside of its time and outside of your own; if that makes sense?

Anonymous said...

The things that have made me reconsider my rationalizations are with regards, to how we perceive our environments, and there being a lapse between the perception of an object and 'consciousness', I suppose not that much different between how one considers light, and looking to the stars in the night sky.

Interestingly I saw a Dawkin's interview with some evolutionary scientist who discussed how there are spaces (where evolution has not favored adaptation) in our personal environments that cannot be seen by the eyes, or recognized as being there, but nevertheless the perception, remains, that one is able to see in relation to where one looks; that there are blind spots, and our perceptions fills in those 'spots', those weaknesses as if they do not exist.

Susan Blackmore's research regarding perception, and 'consciousness' kind of freaked me out; though she doesn't ascribe to paranormal beliefs; only in so much as what is the function of our beliefs, what does this phenomenon actually describe?

Anyway, I think you understand all this 'stuff'; as you have said.

Thanks, again, for your time and thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I was deliberating about adding this link in to these comments, as it may seem like navel gazing, but I find this book interesting. I have just started reading it today, as I have not much else to do, whilst, "I'm to figure out my education". Anyway you might appreciate this read too, unless you've come across it already, though I'm sure the ideas are definitely things you have come across, as any thinking about the benefits of intuition would lead you to them. So, don't get me wrong, I'm not in the pursuit of books like, "10 step instructions, of, how to become a GENIUS, over night!!!",+Robert+%26+Mich%C3%A8le+Root-++Bernstein&source=bl&ots=AJCRc2qw_m&sig=RR8lSeS79sGkwbRRiJ2AHKut2zY&hl=en&ei=tS9sTbDeB8KbhQffrsHjCA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=3&ved=0CCQQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q&f=false

Anonymous said...
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Stan (Heretic) said...

Hi Jenna,

I need more time to answer. There is so much material in the comments you posted, that it is impossible to reply with a short message. This whole subject was and still is a part of my on-going shamanic education. This process was in fact started by my UFO as well as my other experiences of recalling certain events in the past.

One difficulty is that this opens a new field that this society has not yet been prepared to fully explore, thus we lack certain reference points, which then makes discussing it more difficult than other subjects.

Stan (to be continued)

Anonymous said...

OK, just one more thing, and I'll shut up, and you don't have to reply; just think this is funny, and interesting to ponder.....

(zipping it)

Anonymous said...

OK, just one more.....


No, wait, Humanitarian!



Stan (Heretic) said...

re: "Hmm, how should I interpret this? What does this mean, to do it more "hands-on"? Other than reading, or talking to people?"

Hands on means experimenting. If you are going to explore the unknown and "uncharted waters" so to speak, such as parnormal phenomena then you can experiment with telepathy, remote viewing, dream work, alpha state trance etc.

I would recommend to begin with the Silva Method You may be able to learn some basic techniques. Next would be to learn Technical or Coordinate Remote Viewing. I believe there are still courses and videodisks you can buy. Once you learn this you can use it to study other things.

My experiences is probably similar to your father. I have to point out that those abilities run in families, that's probably why you are already expressing some interest and curiosity. It is very good, contrary to what most of the mainstream people say, it is no more dangerous than other hobbies or activities, perhaps less so. One warning: do not allow yourself to be driven by fear or to believe in any kind of scare stories that portray an unknown phenomenon as generally unsafe! It is no more dangerous than a walk in a forrest - yes there are wild animals of course. Elementary common sense and caution is sufficient.

Stan (Heretic) said...

Re: "Because of such experiences, I tend to think that certain psychological things can be left in a place, absorbed into the environment, that can be felt in another time, though not knowing what it really means at the time..."

Our mind resides outside of Time and Space. It is possible to remote view events and objects (or their "blue-prints" as per Ingo Swann's interpretation) that reside anywhere in space, in the past or in the future (within certain bounds).

For example, this is a remote viewing session done on the target existing 5 days into the future (11-Oct-2003), from the date of the session (6-Oct-2003). The target was the front page weekend edition of our local Peterborough newspaper. The session was "blind" that is the cue statement was held by my friend, I didn't know it, he only sent me the 6 character codes that he assigned onto the target. The cue statement was "Sobotni Examiner gorna strona" which says "Saturday's Examiner, top page". The actual scanned picture of it is here .

It is quite easy to learn.


Stan (Heretic) said...

Couldn't watch that youtube link, it said "not available in your country" but if this was about
this book - it is indeed fascinating!

Anonymous said...

This is all very interesting. I am amazed by your open mindedness. There are so many things I could say.

The youtube link regards 'Why Susie Sells Seashells by the Seashore: Implicit Egotism and Major Life Decisions': Linked, in a roundabout kind of way.

The Title of the film is called Goering's Last Secret'. The film generally regards the power of a name, the power of relation as Albert wielded the power of his brothers name to save Jews. And so, it relates to 'Why Susie Sells Seashells by the Seashore: Implicit Egotism and Major Life Decisions'. As this research indicates that names are perhaps not so random. I mean you can only speculate about this, but have you ever thought of the reason why a place is chosen as sacred ground to build a church or cathedral?

The film questions why the brother of Herman, Albert, went in a direction completely at odds to Herman's. But my meaning of "commenting" in relation to this was more in jest: I wonder about the significance in choosing ones name, or a child's, as a parent: my mother expressed that it just felt right to name me bla bla bla.

Diolch yn fawr....

Stan (Heretic) said...

Croeso! [I am cheating on this, just copied this word from wiki
8-:) ]

The name connection is intriguing, I don't know what is happening here. Which is the primary factor? Do people like Albert Göring became altruists and benefactors while his brother "Herman" - a criminal because some subtle effect of the name? I doubt it. Unlike Albert G., Herman was affected by a toxic belief system probably because he had no interests or other skills to keep focused on. Alber was an engineer and as such (same as a scientist) was probably less prone to falling under a spell of some dubious faith-based doctrines such as nazism. As an engineer he was trained in objectivism, in recognizing truth from falsehood.

Why "Virginia" is more common in West Virginia and "Philip" in Philadelphia? The bias is quite small based on the numbers, something like +/-30% from the average if I remember correctly. Even though it is statistically significant it could be the result of linguistic programming that is like parents hear a certain names and sounds more often (usually of actors, but in the past it would have been the royals thus "Albert") repeated often, they are more likely to choose it for their new born children.

I personally have absolutely no association or feel for any of the christian or non-christian first names in the West or East, or any culture at all. They all sound unnatural and weird to me, and carry absolutely no intrinsic meaning.

Anonymous said...

I think perhaps, I need to acquire some math skills, but my sense of nonsense can be right, which is good.... Often raises a smile.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sam said...

I would not be surprised if the "powers that be" are using UFO's to gather more power and control. After all the UFO's could be dangerous.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Stan (Heretic) said...


thanks for the link. The "Big Brother" syndrome indeed. I am not surprised, when your authorities have finally succeeded in destroying almost all manufacturing jobs, the main businesses left are in retail, services, security, police, government and banking. A problem with the oversized security and police institutions is that eventually they run out of criminals and then turn against us...


Yes "UFO" may be or may be not, but the "powers that be" i.e. governments are already proven irresponsible, unaccountable and dangerous! It pays to pick our "enemies" right! 8-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Stan,

Yes, "Big Brother" came to mind, funnily enough!

Seen as UFO's are on my mind, I thought I'd pass along this link, maybe its bunk, haha, but maybe not:!

Meanwhile . . .

"U.S. denies having information on the existence of aliens

BBC Brazil

"The Allen telescopes, scanners ET (Photo: File / BBC)"

The U.S. government formally denied having evidence of the presence of extraterrestrial beings on Earth.

In a statement to the public, the White House said the two petitions referred by the site We The People - that the government proposes to send any document that reach at least 5,000 signatures.

More than 17,000 people signed two petitions asking the government to open its information about the extraterrestrial presence on Earth and about possible contact with humans.

'The U.S. government has no evidence of life outside our planet, or that any extraterrestrial being tried or made contact with any member of the human race, "the statement said the White House.

The text, signed by the space policy expert Phil Larson, Office of Science and Technology Policy, White House adds that 'there is insufficient information to suggest that any evidence is being kept from the public eye.'

In Search of ETs

Larson mentions two initiatives under way that may add evidence to the debate, the Kepler space missions and the Mars Science Laboratory.

While the Kepler mission seeks Earth-like planets from distant stars, the Mars Science Laboratory will analyze geological samples from the Red Planet in search of chemicals that can lead to the creation of life.

But perhaps the best known effort in the search for extraterrestrial beings is the project of Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI, its acronym in English), formerly partially funded by the U.S. space agency NASA.

The mission continues picking up sounds and images of the cosmos for signs of intelligent civilizations in other parts of space.

"Many scientists and mathematicians have studied the question of whether there is life beyond Earth, and concluded that the chances are high that somewhere between the trillions and trillions of stars in the universe there is a planet beyond our own, that serves as an umbrella for life, "the expert wrote the White House.

'Many have noted, however, that our chances of making contact with any of them - especially anyone intelligent - are extremely small, given the distances involved.'

BBC Brazil - All rights reserved. It is forbidden any reproduction without written permission from the BBC."

Anonymous said...

Here are some more links that might interest you:

Also, on my recent meanderings I came across this:


The following quote came from the latter link; I would be interested some time, to hear your views in relation to the following quote:

"This new version of conservatism stood in flat contradiction to Burke and the entire tradition descended from him. It postulated that a perfect society could indeed be brought into being, by following a set of ideological prescriptions set out by Ayn Rand and detailed by an assortment of economists, political scientists, and philosophers, of whom Leo Strauss was the most influential. It called for a grand crusade that would not only make over the United States in the image of its ideal, but spread the same system around the world by any means necessary. It argued that bourgeois sentimentality about human rights and the rule of law should not stand in the way of the glorious capitalist revolution, and went on to create a familiar landscape of prison camps, torture, and aggressive war waged under dubious pretexts. Neoconservatism, in other words, was not conservatism at all; it was to Communism precisely what Satanism is to Christianity, a straightforward inversion that adopted nearly every detail of the Third International’s philosophy, rhetoric and practice and simply reversed some of the value judgments."


Anonymous said...

Is it wrong of the writer, regarding the former quote, ascribing Neoconservatism to Ayn Rands ideology?

Stan (Heretic) said...

Re: This new version of conservatism...


Is it wrong of the writer, regarding the former quote, ascribing Neoconservatism to Ayn Rands ideology?

As far as I know neoconservatism as per Milton Friedman, Chicago School of Economics, and Ayn Rand before them have nothing in common with the quote from the Archdruid Report blog. He seems to be ascribing some kind of dictatorial nefarious intentions to various libertarians (neocons are part of libertarianism) or Ayn Rand. This is a completely false fabrication unsupported by any fact, though it has been a fairly common tactics employed by Marxists and other failed collectivists against those whom they (mistakenly) perceive as their greatest enemy.

The greatest perceived enemy of collectivists are the propagators of freedom, self-reliance and self-empowerment. For example such as for example Friedman, Ayn Rand, Ron Paul, Ronald Reagan and other great individualists, there were even some Europeans too. Actually, we don't really care about collectivist! Collectivists seem to behave as if they were a different species of consciousness, from the rest of us.

As for who is opposing whom; it appears that in reality, the greatest actual enemy of the collectivists are other collectivists! Witness how often did various collectivistic-run countries i.e. from theocracies to modern nationalist or communist states, embrace war or other genocidal policies against each other!
Stan (Heretic)