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Thursday, September 2, 2010


If you haven't already seen the post, this is a must-read:
The China Study, Wheat, and Heart Disease; Oh My!

Quote (added 13/05/2015):

If you’ve been following along with the previous China Study entries (and the wild drama that ensued), you know that I’ve been promising an entry on wheat for a while now, mostly because this little snippet snagged so many eyes:

Correlation between wheat flour and coronary heart disease: 0.67

That’s a value straight from the original China Study data. Could the “Grand Prix of epidemiology” have accidentally uncovered a link between the Western world’s leading cause of death and its favorite glutenous grain? Is the “staff of life” really the staff of death? Bwah ha ha.

Two graphs from Denise Minger blog article, (the graphs are based on the Oxford China Study spreadsheet data) :

(China Study, Denise Minger blog)

(China Study, Denise Minger blog)

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