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Friday, May 11, 2018

The meatans


Carnivore "vegans"

Wiki Steak


They mock vegans and eat 4lb of steak a day: meet 'carnivore dieters'
An extreme, all animal-based diet is gaining followers in search of heightened productivity, mental clarity, and a boosted libido. But experts express doubts

Instagram: shawnbaker1967At 51 years of age I am well aware of the tremendous evidence that demonstrates maintaining as much lean muscle mass as possible is necessary to mitigate the risks of cardiovascular disease and promotes excellent metabolic health-I remain incredibly insulin sensitive with a fasting insulin of just 2.6 and maintain extremely low levels of inflammation with a hsCRPof on 0.6 and also have very low triglycerides levels of only 54- also my VO2max is also among the best in the world for my age based on my rowing capacity- it is the entire system and its overall function that best indicate health!


john said...

This is pretty funny. I live in a "hip" area of LA, where everyone drinks almond/oat milk lattes, eats fake meat/cheese, and posts stickers on stop signs that say "eating animals."

There are certain personality traits that you often find on vegans, and while I'm not so confrontational myself, anyone who pokes fun or knocks them down a peg gives me a smile.

I eat pretty low carb and do weightlifting, sprinting, and dancing, so I've never given much care or respect to the "carbs for exercise" sentiment. The available studies are hardly useful to me, since they use beginners, exercises like leg extensions, or something like 30sec cycling intervals. There was a keto study in gymnasts, and while they had more protein as % calories than I would do, their performance didn't decrease.

Stan Bleszynski said...

Hi John,
I found the same thing regarding vegans' attitude, while talking to them on various form since 2000. Its not only about emotion & anger control, but also certain subtle way of expressing oneself. Watch for example the way a journalist Mr. Lionel Nation speaks, in the video below. This I think is neurological effect. If you listen to Dr. Greger (the Vegan MD) you may notice similar thing. BTW Lionel is probably the only vegan I know who is politically right wing libertarian and pro-Trump! :)

Lionel Nation - My #Vegan #Plantbased Lifestyle: What I Eat For Breakfast Every Day

Regarding the diet and physical performance. According to Dr. Kwasniewski of the "Optimal Diet", the adaptation to the high fat low carb diet takes place during gestation, in the womb, an adaptation involving epigenetic expression ("turning-on") of certain genes governing metabolism. People who were reared on high carb nutrition are not able to fully adapt to the high fat diet, that is it will still work for them much better than the high carb diet but their physical performance, stamina and strength will not improve much or only marginally. OTOH if a person was reared on the HF diet (incl gestation) then their physical performance is HUGELY better than average. Especially endurance and resistance to cold.
Regards, Stan (Heretic)

JC said...

Stan Bleszynski said...

Hi JC,
Thanks for the link, I will post it to redpill more people. :)
Best regards,
Stan (Heretic)