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Monday, January 1, 2018

Why everything you heard about fat is wrong


And why it is more important than you think?

- Because it will change the way you think!

- Because changing your nutrition away from plant and carbohydrate-based towards animal fat-based  will alter the way you act and behave!   You will be more rational, clearer, calmer, stronger and balanced!    :)

- Because what you don't know may hurt you!

- Because following a dietary advise financed by some institutions whose purpose is to sell you their products might not be your best survival strategy!  Ask yourself  why is that? 

- Because not everything that is tasty and sold to you is healthy, use reason and knowledge to discern!

- Because not every medical or health guideline you read (anywhere) has to be true nor may be  intended to help you; surprisingly, it may instead be intended to help them!

- Because not everything the scientists believe to be "true", is true!

- Because some prominent public figures who until recently or even still to this day scare you from eating natural food high in animal fats, may not hesitate from sacrificing you and your health for their own purposes, that involve "money" and "power".  Be safe and renounce these people!

Be skeptical of all dietary and medical theories including those that I may be recommending, always check them out and verify them yourself because your own life and health is at stake.  If in doubt use logic, intuition and your heart!


(Google the original article by the title "The case for eating steak and cream", The Economist website will allow it display that Nina Teicholz' article on your computer only up to 3 times). 

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