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Monday, October 9, 2017

Vegan psychopath


Pennsylvania Vegan Loses Food Truck Business After Celebrating Murder of ‘Meat Eaters’ in Las Vegas

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Sam said...

I had this idea. I have often wondered why people who eat a lot of carbs but lay off the fat, say Asians as an example, seem to do ok and some that eat mostly low carb seem to do ok. The idea is that maybe low-carb is not the best diet but it avoids toxins in plant materials. Asians eat a lot of rice. Does rice have a lot of toxins??? We know a lot of greens, beans and other plants have a lot of toxins so maybe that would account for the Western problems with a vegetarian diet. It's the toxins. This means that the Western low-carb is not the best diet but the one that has the least toxins of a Western diet. I have named this, modestly, "Sam's Theory of the Lesser Dietary Evil".