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Friday, November 23, 2012

Higher stroke risk for vegetarians who exercise vigorously!

This is part of a conclusion obtained from a recent Taiwanese research (thanks Dav0). The following Taipei Times article discusses the results:

Local researcher provides formula to predict strokes


After analyzing the medical records of 500,000 people, National Health Research Institute researcher Wen Chi-pang (溫啟邦) found that there are five main factors that affect the probability of a stroke: if a person is a smoker, a vegetarian, or overweight, and if they exercise to either extreme or drink alcohol.
For example, a 60-year-old male vegetarian with normal body weight, who smokes, drinks and does not exercise, would have an 11.1 percent chance of suffering a stroke in the next 10 years, Wen said. The probability would soar to 84.7 percent if the man is also overweight and exercises vigorously.
While the ideal cholesterol level for people is between 200mg per deciliter and 300mg per deciliter, studies in Taiwan and abroad show that vegetarians usually have a level of below 130mg per deciliter — which makes them twice as likely as those with an ideal level to suffer a hemorrhagic stroke, he said.
A reading of 160mg per deciliter means a person will have a 50 percent higher chance of suffering a hemorrhagic stroke than those who do not, the researcher said. Vegetarians tend to have lower cholesterol levels because they lack certain nutrients obtained from meat, he said. This does not just increase their chances of stroke, but also of developing cancer, he added.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Stan,

I would love to ask you a question I've had for a long time because you do a lot of research in the area of nutrition and there is currently a thread on the MdDougall forum named:
"Who has/had cardiac issues here?"
Please pay particular attention to landog's testimony way down the first page, because it goes to the heart of my question:

Are there studies where people had confirmed heart disease, blocked arteries, etc. and REVERSED such with a low-carb diet? If so, could you give me some links please?

There are many scientific studies/research and testimonials about the effectiveness of a vegetarian/vegan diet in heart disease - many involve Dr. McDougall, Dr. Barnard and Dr. Esselstyn, Jeff Novak etc, but also from other sources. I have not seen such for low-carb. With low-carb the emphasis seems to always be on weight loss and/or diabetes.

I know that you are familiar with the McD forum because they used to call you a troll (unfortunately you never told them who you really were, I think) I was a vegan for about a year but had to quit for losing too much weight and having constant hunger. No I don't have heart disease but am getting tired of the cholesterol controversy.