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Friday, May 21, 2010

Eating less processed meat and more poultry, fish reduces cancer

New cancer-diet study, just being published in AJCN:

"Meat, fish, and ovarian cancer risk: results from 2 Australian case-control studies, a systematic review, and meta-analysis."

Results from 2 case-controlled studies were combined and presented (see blue numbers below), and separately, a combined meta-analysis from 7 additional studies was also presented (red numbers).  Bulleted conclusions are as follows:

  • No association (within statistical significance) of red meat consumption with ovarian cancer.
  • Women with the highest intake of processed meats had +18% and +20%  more ovarian cancer.
  • Women with the highest intake of poultry had -17% and -10% less ovarian cancer (statistically borderline).
  • Women with the highest intake of fish had -24% and -16% less ovarian cancer.


As I am with this topic, here is some more nutritional heresy.  Enjoy.

"Health Benefits of a Low-Carbohydrate, High-Saturated-Fat Diet"

written by cardiologist
Dr. Donald W. Miller, Jr.

I could not help noticing how similar, no - virtually identical are mine and his interests and views, except that he has been enjoying his life assignment 15 years earlier, before me.  I strongly urge readers to read all Dr. Miller's articles on his website!

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