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Friday, May 1, 2009

Strange thing about Marshall Protocol

About MP

One aspect is particularly interesting:

It causes some initial side effects in the first few months, occurring in occasional bursts, such as tachycardia, hypo-tension, hyper-adrenal episodes, among others.

Marshall claims says these are caused by unblocking of the VDR (Vitamin D Receptor) and other receptor sites that used to be previously blocked by bacteria for the purpose of paralyzing and disabling the human immune system.

Those were the same symptoms that I had in the first 3 months of the high fat low carb Optimal Diet, in 1999/2000!

Sudden release of the immune blockage and unblocking of various hormonal receptors, may lead to various often dangerous side effects and symptoms, the more so the more colonized was the body by bacterial parasites and thus the bigger the change. This is also what Dr. J. Kwasniewski and Dr. W. Lutz wrote! The initial side effects of the high fat low carb nutrition are proportional to the degree of prior body damage. Lutz specifically says that the problem is caused by the overactive immune system that "kicks in" the moment one goes high fat and low carb.

Kwasniewski says that when a chronically sick patient starts high fat low carb nutrition, a disease may starts fighting back as if it were a wild animal fighting for it's own survival. It may occur in fits and occasional bursts every few weeks, then months, weaker and weaker and rarer and rarer.

I think Dr. Kwasniewski was probably more right about it in a factual (not figurative) way, than I originally thought!

Stan (Heretic)

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Peter said...

Hi Stan,

Absolutely. I've still not read through the Marshall Protocol (you know my doubts) but the concept of the immune system starting to work effectively with the normalisation of immune function, usually when blood glucose normalises, looks to be the easiest explanation. If it's still targeting a self antigen there might be a flare. I've been thinking this way for some time. Hyperglycaemia certainly inhibits white blood cell phagocytic function, I've got refs somewhere.... Why not antibody responsiveness too?