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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Letter to Mr. Anti-Nuclear Environmentalist

Dear Mr. "Anti-Nuclear Environmentalist",

Your article in the Peterborough Examiner of 6-May-2009 ("Darlington Nuclear Plan...") seems highly biased. You seemed to have picked up and quoted only the anti-nuclear voices while totally missing other views.

People who state opinions such as quote: "I'm against nuclear. I'm trying to think ahead seven generations,..." are misled, mistaken and most often incompetent on the subject they speak about! Not only they may be jeopardizing their own future "seven" generations through their misguided anti-nuclear energy politics, but they may be closer to a personal disaster even within their own life time due to the imminent shortage of oil and natural gas and their inevitable skyrocketing prices, the example of which we have just witnessed last year! This will happen sooner than Ms Langley or you may think. I can picture people like her sitting in unheated houses unable to travel except on foot and unable to find work due to business failures.

If you advocate turning the society back into 18-th century life style, you may have to face some tough choices. If the rampant anti-technology anti-science environmentalism takes an even bigger hold on people's mind driving our politics to the dead end, then the same enthusiasts of wildlife protection at any cost may eventually have to resort to hunt those animal for food and furs just to survive!

Stan (Heretic)

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