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Friday, April 13, 2018

I am famous :)


Stan Heretic Diet Scammer exposed. Okinawa Doesn't Mean 'Island of Pork'...


August said...

It almost seems clever, from a propagandistic standpoint, but ultimately it must be the reduced cognitive capacity due to lack of brain building nutrients.

Stan Bleszynski said...

They believe what they want to believe and bend facts to fit their narrative. Note that they did not refute the papers I quoted, just presented theirs and tried to blackmouth me. It doesn't work and in fact helps me redpilling many more people. Vegans generally also refuse to look into biochemistry and physics.

Their behavior does resemble a form of brain disorder, it reminds me of some religious cults. Close-mindedness and fearfulness towards the outside world. Perhaps religious fanaticism and political fanaticisms are also symptoms of malnourished brains? High carbohydrate diet: most Arab countries, most of Africa, Pakistan, India. Asia - mixed diet, more balanced, fish and more fat (also rice instead of wheat - big factor IMHO). Most meat and fat = Europe. The highest consumption of animal fat = Switzerland and France. US and Canada = bad diet very high in wheat and corn consumption and processed meat, mostly fast food.