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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Another vegan myth bites the dust!

I found the link, of all places on Dr. Michael (VeganMD) Greger site.  (Thanks EG!)

from Wiki

"The Impact of Dietery Protein..."



Although high-protein diets induce hypercalciuria in humans, the source of the additional urinary calcium remains unclear. One hypothesis is that the high endogenous acid load of a high-protein diet is partially buffered by bone, leading to increased skeletal resorption and hypercalciuria. We used dual stable calcium isotopes to quantify the effect of a high-protein diet on calcium kinetics in women. The study consisted of 2 wk of a lead-in, well-balanced diet followed by 10 d of an experimental diet containing either moderate (1.0 g/kg) or high (2.1 g/kg) protein. Thirteen healthy women received both levels of protein in random order. Intestinal calcium absorption increased during the high-protein diet in comparison with the moderate (26.2 +/- 1.9% vs. 18.5 +/- 1.6%, P < 0.0001, mean +/- sem) as did urinary calcium (5.23 +/- 0.37 vs. 3.57 +/- 0.35 mmol/d, P < 0.0001, mean +/- sem). The high-protein diet caused a significant reduction in the fraction of urinary calcium of bone origin and a nonsignificant trend toward a reduction in the rate of bone turnover. There were no protein-induced effects on net bone balance. These data directly demonstrate that, at least in the short term, high-protein diets are not detrimental to bone.

Off topic, a joke "du jour", had to post it, couldn't help it...

(From a vegan forum by Katydid)
I wish I could find the link to where I learned this (I think it was in Dr. Klaper's "Foods that Kill" video), but you can think of a fully saturated (hydrogenated) fat like a straight inflexible stick. As it flows through the bloodstream the stiffness of the molecule causes it to "poke" at the lining of the blood vessels and cause irritation. A mono or polyunsaturated fat has missing hydrogen atoms that allow the fat molecule to flex, so it causes less damage as it flows through the bloodstream. So if you substitute say, olive or canola oil for butter or lard, you'll improve your heart health by reducing the constant irritation to your blood vessels"


Oliver Magoo said...

Stan, good stuff!

From the same vegan forum, came this post by a confused vegan with osteoporosis:

Stan (Heretic) said...

Hi Oliver,

I always have a great laugh whenever I (occasionally) look at their forum.

I used to have an account there and would post occasionally, until they banned me a few years ago, following an advise I sent to a vitamin D defficient lady to supplement with vitamin D3 and K2.

Osteoporosis, low bone density and related to this: poor dental health is one of the most common complains you may find on vegan forums. Another very common are hypothyroidism and neurological disorders (including mood disorder, depression and panic attacks).

It turns out, one cannot help vegans. In fact, it seems that the "here is your rope, sir" approach, may often be more effective. I think that in the society dominated by people of "Earth" (as of Earth/Fire/Water/Air) type of personality dynamics, typical probably to all societies dominated by families of settled farming background. A shock may be their best therapy. Otherwise any attempts of talking to them seems to be countered by their natural passive-aggressive tendency.