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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lesson from medical history - beware of liars!

An article link was emailed to me by a friend.  An article like many of that kind, published in the last few years exonerating the benefits of low carb nutrition and pointing out some fallacies of the past misguided medical guidelines, full of references and links to various published studies.

  The way it was written, in a succinct way, has caught my attention and made me think about my own path to nutritional heresy and liberation from the Official Medical Dogma.   It dawned on me that it is actually much worse than I ever believed!   Back in 1999, when I once saw a medical article calling for low fat low meat high vegetable and fruit diet, in my naivety, I sent an email to an author, pointing out discrepancies and inaccuracies.   Among them I pointed out that the health risks associated with saturated fat and meat consumption were most likely caused by mixing fat and carbohydrates together in similar caloric proportions.   I believed in that!    The truth turns out (see many of the references links embedded in the article, for example this multi-study review) was much simpler and troubling than that - we were not dealing with the honest scientific mistakes!   The statements of a  health risk from eating saturated fat, with carbohydrates or without -  were a mixture of medical lies, references to irreproducible anti-saturated fat and cholesterol pseudoscience, plus unproven opinions!  Much of the dietary medical "wisdom" doled out so often in the past 30 years by the generations of unintelligent doctors to their patients, has been actually completely disproven by many of the past studies and by a majority of recent studies!



1) 13 Nutrition Lies That Made The World Sick And Fat

2) Meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies evaluating the association of saturated fat with cardiovascular disease


George Henderson said...

That's a very good article. I very much admire the unapologetic, 'fait accompli' tone of it. I feel that is the voice that, when used consistently in these discussions, will see history corrected.

It is perhaps not so much a new consensus, as a recognition that consensus has often been the enemy of nutrition science.

Stan (Heretic) said...

Exactly! I think, we have been too accommodating the medical liars and the manipulators. Rather that stating simply that some theory is a lie, we tried to rationalize it trying to find some truth in it. Well, now we can read the studies the review and compilations - only to discover that there was never any truth in the mainstream saturated fat and cholesterol dogma! It was already published and documented back 10 and 30 years ago! People forgot that according to scientific method, one fact to the contrary invalidates a theory! It is as simple as that!

How do you call people in the mainstream medical academic establishment who knew about contradictions yet refused to apply the scientific method as written in bold above? Misguided? I don't think so! The choice is between liars and cheats, or plain idiots! In either cases there is no place for them in the scientific institutions! It is very simple to remedy this situation, for example by firing them all and cutting off all the cash flow - since their names, the names of all those who engaged in setting up this cloak of medical nutritional lies, are all there, published for all to see!

Stan (Heretic)

Michael said...

Hi Stan.

Firstly, thank you for your great site. I have been a visitor here since 2010, and you were one of the first people (if not the first if my memory is correct) to show me that animal fats are actually good for me! I wouldn't like to think where I'd be now health-wise if I hadn't discovered that truth, so thank you again.

Now, regarding your post, I believe that we are being lied to because the people who run the world want us to be sick. Of course, I do not know for sure, and I know many will still disagree with me about this, but it is my best bet as to what is happening and why. At the very least, we need to be open to that possibility.

Stan (Heretic) said...


You are very welcome and thank you for the complement. When I start thinking about it my automatic anti-paranoia protection circuit kicks-in! 8-:)

Well, if we consider who benefits then we do not need to involve world rulers' conspiracy, since the self-serving corrupt pharmaceutical corporations provide a sufficient explanation. At least in recent years.

On the other hand it is absolutely amazing that the vast majority of medical professionals haven't caught on for so long!


Michael said...


Just letting you and your readers know that I've gone to the Swedish Diet Doctor site via your recommended blog list, and there is this:-

In response, the AHF have put out some lame reply stating we should eat "everything in moderation" blah blah blah, and now at their facebook comments page they are getting an absolute hammering from commenters.

Poor Australian Heart Foundation. :)

Michael said...

Oh, here is the AHF's official response in full -

A message from Lyn Roberts, Heart Foundation’s National CEO: “There has been some debate on our page this week on saturated fat and cholesterol and I wanted to reiterate that our recommendation remains quite simple: everything in moderation, except smoking.

I can assure you we take our role as Australia’s leading voice for heart health with great responsibility and are committed to providing information based on the best available evidence from across the world. We stand by the comprehensive evidence base on which we base our information for the public. Our guidelines are developed by the country’s best academics, researchers, health professionals and other experts external to our organisation to ensure transparency. The process ensures a robust position paper that reflects the conclusions of the strongest evidence available at the time.

The Heart Foundation values the ongoing support of the community. We are committed to continuing to assist people with heart health information."

How skilled they are in managing to talk so much whilst actually saying so little.

Stan (Heretic) said...


Re: "AHF's official response..."

I love it! They are squirming like worms! 8-:)

It is probably the best illustration that a higher education and an academic degree may be a handicap rather than an asset if it is not accompanied by personal integrity.

Best regards,

Sam said...

Love reading your blog. I talked to to you before about how it confused me that people who have a diet that's almost all carbs seem to do well and then have huge problems when they go to a standard American diet. Also that people that go low carb also do well. Very confusing. Well maybe this guy has an answer for that. Resistant starches(RS).
There's a guy who has diabetes so he has to watch what he eats closely. He heard about resistant starches and did some experimenting. Even better he's not not selling anything. Here's a link to a guy selling bodybuilding books but it's a good link on resistant starchs facts.

Here's a couple of links to the guy who experimented with resistant starches.

Maybe this is a key idea. It's cheap using potato starch as the resistant starch. Combine this with palo and it would seem ideal. From the peoples blood glucose test level(BGL) reported on the blog, RS could be used to loosen restrictions on eating carbs.

There's a lot of talk these days about gut bacteria and how it can be beneficial or not depending on what types are in the gut. The RS seems to promote a type that lowers blood glucose levels, dampens BGL swings and reduces inflammation.

One thing I like about the link is the people there seem to mostly be diabetics they are anal about testing BGL and they post their results. Mostly seem positive. It would be wonderful if a little potato starch every day could vastly improve Americans health even keeping the same diet. Anyways look at it if you get a chance.

An aside. These catchas seem to be getting harder and harder to read. It won't be long before computers will be able to reliably read all of them while humans won't be able to read any.

Anonymous said...

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