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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eat fructose - go bananas...

... but add egg yolks, fish oil and organ meat and be sane again!  That seems to be the message of the  following Forbes' article and the study[1]:

Sugar Makes You Stupid, But Omega-3s Will Smarten You Back Up

A short digest:

Though we may not have fully come to terms with it, in theory we know that high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is an adversary of health. Lots of work has been done looking at the effect of fructose on weight, liver function, diabetes risk, and even the growth of cancer cells. But not much has looked at the role of fructose in brain function, until now. Researchers have just reported that among the list of bodily ills that fructose contributes to, it may also "make you dumb." Luckily, eating a diet rich in the healthy omega-3 fatty acids seems to counteract this phenomenon.

"The DHA-deprived animals were slower," said study author Fernando Gomez-Pinilla, "and their brains showed a decline in synaptic activity. Their brain cells had trouble signaling each other, disrupting the rats’ ability to think clearly and recall the route they’d learned six weeks earlier."
Gomez-Pinilla suggests that fructose might somehow block insulin’s effect on brain cells, and specifically how it signals neurons to store and release the sugar that is needed for the brain to function efficiently – and for us to think crisply and clearly.
Mrs. Walton would probably lose her contributor status with Forbes if she didn't add this comment:

The important thing to remember is that not all fructose is created equal. "We’re not talking about naturally occurring fructose in fruits, which also contain important antioxidants,"
I wonder, are we according to her, supposed to consume those "superhealthy" fruit but just somehow spit fructose out?      :)

Yes! We Have No Bananas, 1923


1. "Metabolic syndrome" in the brain: Deficiency in omega-3-fatty acid exacerbates dysfunctions in insulin receptor signaling and cognition, Rahul Agrawal and Fernando Gomez-Pinilla


tess said...

doncha love health writers in magazines and newspapers.... phrases like "in theory we know" and "fructose MIGHT SOMEHOW block..." really make one confident they know what they're talking about.

darkheart2011 said...

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Catherine said...
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Catherine said...

Yes, those are some reasons how bad fructose is. But, I suggest you take an animal based omega-3 fats like krill oil. It is safer and not contaminated with mercury compared to fish oil.

Stan (Heretic) said...

In my humble opinion, I think the journalist knew what she was talking about but was slightly spinning the story to please people who sign her paychecks.

Thanks, you are very welcome to post comments too. I always try to respond but not always have time to do do it immediately.

I haven't seen ready available krill products. I remember in the 1970-ties Polish government carried out some research on krill in the context of human consumption (there is about 10 times or more krill than fish) and they concluded that it is not suitable. I forgot the exact reason.

I think, rather than seek expensive supplements, it is easier to just eat fish, egg yolks and organ meat. BTW, brains (calf, pigs etc) contain the highest amounts of DHA, much higher than fish and yolks.

Stan (Heretic) said...

Re: darkheart2011 blog

That looks to me like a website generated by a robot or automatically translated from some language. There is no information about the author either. Very strange!

john said...

I believe BHB has been shown to increase performance in the same test.

Stan (Heretic) said...

It does!

The first thing I noticed on a ketogenic diet back 13 years ago was lifting of a mental fog, better concentration and much better mood.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I ate 6 bananas yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I certainly wasn't referring to the bar of Montezuma's Organic Dark Chocolate Orange & Geranium (inovative british chocolate) very recently consumed. Cheers to bananas and chocolate not necessarily consumed together and all at once.

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