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Saturday, March 12, 2011

US gov nationalizing J&J Tylenol division!

Johnson & Johnson's drug problem
U.S. takes over three Tylenol plants

- what are they trying to cover-up???


Tonya said...

I got one word for you. Money. Why else do they do anything? It certainly isn't in the interest of protecting us, or our health.

I read the other day that the FDA was pulling hundreds of prescription cold meds because they weren't "approved." Now you tell me how they were sold AS A PRESCRIPTION in the first place if they weren't approved? Does that make any sense to you? It sure as hell doesn't to me.

It's like reading the news as distributed by Ingsoc. LOL

Stan (Heretic) said...

Doesn't explain it! US government never before acted in this way as far as I know. During previous corporate drug failures they either fined the companies or sued them. Never nationalized a farmaceutical company before!

Also the whole thing happened very fast. There was no forewarning or prior information regarding an intention. It appeared to have been decided over the weekend at some informal private meetings with their government circles, and executed unusually promptly.


Why would a nationalization, taking a cotnron over the corporate offices, be prefered over imposing a fine or a public prosecution?

To prevent a leakage of some information or data? What data?

Is it about Tylenol? Something else?

Mark said...

Stan, on radiation (in light of the goings on in Japan):

Lot of pictures of people who live in Cherbobyl, who have returned there shortly after the incident. They are in amazing health for their age, in a non first world country with limited medical care in the area (I presume that is the case).


Mark said...

With regard to the nationalization, this government has gone haywire in terms of its intervention in the marketplace.

Insane deficit spending. Even Republicans forgot their 1/4 the size deficits from only three years ago.

Federal Reserve making loans to foreign banks and corporations.

Bernanke takes pride in pumping stocks.

Bailout the banks who are screwups and punish the competent.


99 week unemployment benefits.

BLS making up inflation numbers.

Making up of employment data. (Percent of population in labor force vs. rate).

It is a question of the role of government and that the US govermnet is becoming more and more interventionist.

Now, there may still be other things going on here outside of this philosophical shift. But that philosophical shift is there for sure.


Stan (Heretic) said...

Mark, thanks for the links!

Re: recent news from Japan - you may find this interesting:

Fukushima reactors burn warhead plutonium

Stan (Heretic) said...

Re: "Now, there may still be other things going on here outside of this philosophical shift. But that philosophical shift is there for sure."

It is the shift towards a weird brand of collectivism - collectivism with all the benefits "for them" but none for us.

I am just re-listening to an audio version of Atlas Shrugged and am finding more and more parallels. I am also finding more and more parallels between the Soviet Union and the United States, as well as between the former communist Eastern Europe and Canada.

If I were living in the USA I would probably be now looking for a way out...

If it gets any worse, with riots, police state and more taxes, we may have to move too.

Ontario is turning into a police state. We now have large number of very highly paid (about 2-3 times the average of the private sector) policemen all over the province, everywhere. Doing nobody knows what, giving speeding tickets and trying to catch drivers on flawed paperwork or other trivial omissions.

At the same time the real crime rate (outside of Toronto) is very low or non-existent so there is no real need for all of them. Mind you, they are hiring more policemen (+30% last 2 years in Toronto) bot not teachers...

It does look like the governments here and elsewhere are getting prepared for something. For something or against somebody! - Perhaps us?


Mark said...

Hey Stan,

One of the thing that irks me about the recent G-20 policing, is that police sympathizers don't understand that the violence undertaken against persons was committed by police. The protestors, those who did, committed crimes against property. It's bizzarre, that anyone would defend the police to escalate so much.

Here and in the US, we have resource self-sufficiency, which will be a good thing in times ahead. It might be the best place to be for that reason. Even if our currencies crash, we can still have a local economy even if we can't import.

There has been a growing appeal towards limited government and I hope that is the way things will go into the future. A dollar crisis would go a long way towards changing public attitudes. It could certainly be a catalyst to solidify this philosophy. The problem is that since the Soviet Union collapsed, the former Communist countries have become more capitalist and we have moved towards socialism. The lessons of the SU were not learned properly. The lessons of the current inflation caused global instability may similarly be unlearned. If we in the west, don't understand why it is that the dollar has collapsed, they will blame the convenient scapegoats and come no closer to a solution.

I'm hopeful that we'll learn the right lessons, though. There was no pain in winning the war against socialism. Pain from a dollar collapse will cause people to think. Then again, Hitler came about under times of pain, so maybe there will be war. But we have the internet today, I think the internet will be essential to learning the right lessons.

I like Rob Ford, I just don't know why he wanted to increase the number of police. Only thing I have against him.

Yes, all my experience with police is they look to give out trivial tickets. It's much more comforting to be a pedestrian than a driver when that's what the police do lol. The way gas prices are heading, and if they get a strong subway network in Toronto, A LOT of police may be out of work lol.

Stan (Heretic) said...


Resources are not everything, probably not even the main factor, may even contribute to a collapse if they are used to prop up those groups who destroy wealth. Countries such as Argentina, Brasil, Nigeria, Kongo, Russia etc have plenty of those yet their corrupt ruling elites brought them to the brink of "madmax" scenario where a policeman or a soldier may be equally threat than a ganster. All that of their own making. Are US or Canadian corporate/political elites more competent? I don't think so, they yet seem to have less power and less eager to use guns against inhabitants of states or provinces they rule over. But that seems to be slowly changing, by means of "Homeland Security" legislation in the US; and without any legislation in Canada. Our last G20 case in Toronto were not the first one. We had violent police-involving clashes in Vancouver and earlier in Montreal.

In the US there seems to be a dangerous spread between resource-rich underpopulated North and resource-poor overpopulated South.

Re: Rob Ford

He seems to be saying all the right things. Firing all the excessive civil "servants" and other our tax-leaching parasites is of course a very appealing idea for most of us, but I am not sure if he is really what he says he is.
His recent beefing up of police force seems to be suggesting otherwise.

I have the same impression now about British Thatcher era of the 1980-ties. She too seemed to have been saying all the right things, free market economy, "no" to the free-loading culture and using market valuations, were the ideas of what probably most of the creative working people have been longing for, for years! What she actually did was replacing a large corporate state sector ran (badly) by their ruling elites' party hacks, with the large corporate stock market-listed sector ran (badly) by the same ruling elites' party hacks. There is still very little of the free market and almost no competition.

dav0 said...

Just read this: