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Friday, January 7, 2011

Low fat diets could increase heart disease risk...

... say nutrition experts.

Home-made(*) pork lard. Obviously, it has to be good!

Saw this article link on THE SPARK OF REASON blog (thanks!).

The article describes a symposium called "The Great Fat Debate: Is There Validity In the Age-Old Dietary Guidance?" at the American Dietetic Association’s (ADA) Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo. It would have been a usual boring scientific waffle following a vacuous hedge-all-bets type of philosophy, had it not been for some quotes of Dr. Walter Willett's presentation. He is one of the few prominent medical officials (director) not following the "speak but say nothing" strategy. At least not since a couple of years ago.

Quotes (of Dr.W.Willett):

"If anything, the literature shows a slight advantage of the high fat diet," he said. "The focus on fat in dietary guidelines has been a massive distraction. ... We should remove total fat from nutrition facts panels on the back of packs."

He added that while the pervasive dietary guidance given to consumers has been to eat fats sparingly, to load up on starch and eat non-fat products, "the food industry quickly realized sugar was cheaper than fat and laughed all the way to the bank."

And assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School Dr. Mozaffarian:

... agreed with the other speakers about a lack of evidence linking total fat consumption and cardiovascular disease risk.

*) Chop pork belly into finger-sized slices or mince, put in a slow-cooker overnight, sieve-out the cracklings from liquid lard, while hot. Pour to plastic tubs. Feed the cat.


john said...

So mainstream is starting to explore the basic idea of simply non-low fat...this is absolutely pathetic when factoring in how much information is available and how much nutrition knowledge has been developed by certain small circles (such as blog writers/readers).

Stan (Heretic) said...

Yes, but they haven't yet come to terms that the truly high fat - I mean 60-80% calories out of animal fat, is actually the best! Not even Willett, not even Dr. Eades who invented "paleo" diet! It should be simple enough (for Willett) just to test it, yet it all moves so slowly!

Different subject: there is a new flu epidemics with some serious complications comming. I think people who follow those blogs and alternative nutrition, are going to be first to find out that the only thing that really protects against viral infection is ketogenic diet! Not just a low carb but specifically - high animal fat, high saturated fat ketogenic diet!

Anya said...

Dr BG did a nice analysis :