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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Carbohydrates increase women's heart risk


New large Italian study published in Archives of Internal Medicine is described on the BBC Health web site.

A study of over 47,000 Italian adults found that women alone whose diets contained a lot of bread, pizza and rice doubled their heart disease risk.

After seven years, 463 participants had developed coronary heart disease.

The researchers found that the women whose diet had the highest glycaemic load had more than double the risk of heart disease compared with those women with the lowest glycaemic load. 

The authors concluded: "Thus, a high consumption of carbohydrates from high-glycaemic index foods, rather than the overall quantity of carbohydrates consumed, appears to influence the risk of developing coronary heart disease."
  This is somewhat contradictory since the GlycemicLoad concept being a product of Glycemic Index times daily intake in grams, does include all types of carbohydrates not just those of the highest glycemic index.   Also, the fact that the correlation showed up among women but not men is a bit suspicious.

Last but not least, there is no mention of "artery-clogging" fat!  I wonder why?



LeenaS said...

Well, the actual abstract gave risk ratio of 2.24 for the highest versus lowest GL groups... and RR of 2.0 for the highest vs lowest carbohydrate intake. So, your doubt seems to be quite right.

But who would say aloud that the carbohydrate quantity really matters?


With regards,

John said...

Sounds like a study that shows saturated fat is bad--but still, it's nice to see any public support for low carb...