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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can a High-Fat Diet Beat Cancer?

An article appeared in "Time" magazine in 2007 (thanks JC).

This is supposed to be a small-scale pilot study preceeding a full scientific investigation. I am not holding my breath.

Some terminally ill cancer patients in womens' hospital (University of Wurzburg) selected from among the hopeless cases, did get better, that is those who did not opt out due to sugar cravings. Strict ketogenic diet with no carbohydrates, using specially selected vegetable oils such as hempseed and linseed (flaxseed) oils. I wonder why did these medics not just use some common animal fat. Makes me wonder what else they might have done wrong. Still it seemed to have worked! Drs. McDougall, Ornish - any comments?


marco said...

Hi Stan.

Some thoughts here (, about carbs and addiction though.

Bryan - oz4caster said...


I'd like to see a study where they use a ketogenic diet with real traditional foods low in PUFA and leave out the modern refined vegetable oils. I doubt that this approach will work in every case, but wouldn't be surprised if it's much more successful than the tremendously expensive poisons they give with chemotherapy.

Stan (Heretic) said...

Hi marco, hi Bryan,

Dr. Eades blog and his websites are very interesting, unfortunately, I think that he has been too cautious about fat. Rather than being totally upfront he would often downplay the importance of dietary animal fat in human nutrition. The title of his book "Protein Power" is one example of this strategy. This is not as bad as Dr. Water Willett's way of flipping and flopping between trickling some facts out without getting clobbered by the grant-approving committees. This is of course not the Way Of The Warrior! If it comes to a fight, I think they should just do it properly: decisively, wholeheartedly and shooting high with a biggest gun they got, rather than aiming low and with a half of their academic brains tied behind their backs. (I borrowed the last expression from some talk show host)

I heve seen very few studies where they would be able to use some real high fat food like animal fat etc. The reason is that the so-called "ethics" committees would not approve an intervention study that is too far out of the officially approved healthy guidelines. The real food high fat studies are only possible if the patients select the high animal fat food by themselves so that the organizers cannot be accused of "killing off" their patients with pork lard and duck fat. They can be jailed for that.

The only ethically approved way of killing off the patients is by chemotherapy or statin drugs.

Best regards,