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Monday, August 25, 2008

Very-Low-Fat Diets: What Are the Benefits?

JC from the WebMD Diet Debate forum posted the following slide - see beside and the reference below (thanks!). The author's conclusions do not surprize me. MI ("heart attack") events depend on the quality (type) of plaque more than on the quantity of plaque. Excess polyunsaturated fats (e.g. popular vegetable oils) lead probably to abnormalities in the composition of cellular structures that use fats, such as cellular membranes. This probably affects mostly the newly grown tissue such as scar tissue and the plaque tissue (plaque is a scar tissue!). The bulk of the plaque on the other hand, according to Dr. Jan Kwasniewski ("Homo Optimus"), results from excessive pentose cycle that synthesizes fats (and NADP, RNA etc) in-situ inside the arterial walls. Pentose cycle is on the other hand driven by excessive carbohydrates (plus a few other conditions such as reduced availability of oxygen, lack of magnesium etc).

If that hypothesis is true then one could perhaps draw the following general guidelines:

- To reduce the overall plaque buildup - consume less carbohydrates!

- To reduce the risk of MI events (once the plaque exists) - reduce consumption of vegetable oils and artificial baking fats (polyunsaturated fats, transfats)

Please notice that low fat vegan diets also reduce vegetable fats by discouraging all fats. They also may reduce the total glycemic load. Interestingly, when you stop eating fat, liver will manufacture some of the necessary fats internally - mostly saturated fat! Did anyone notice that this theory is the only one that explain why both types of diets: low fat vegan (sometimes) and high animal fat low carb (always) may reduce the risk of MI?!



Very-Low-Fat Diets: What Are the Benefits?

Effects of Lifestyle and Dietary Modification on HDL-C Levels (Margo A. Denke, MD)


Peter said...
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Peter said...

Hi Stan,

What do you make of the Lyon study? The total drop in fat was small, but should have made matters worse. It didn't.

Dietary fat intakes here.

The omega 6 drop was small and the omega 3 rise also small but the two together improved the ratio hugely. JK has no time for PUFA ratios as far as I have read. What do you think is going on?

Of course there is no information as regards sucrose intake. I get the impression that the "Mediterranean" diet involved food and the AHA type diet probably was based on coco pops, skim milk and added sugar. Plus jam.



Peter said...

Hi Stan, off topic here:

Next Russian mass event. Was this a prediction/snapshot of the Georgia episode? Can't make out the text.


(Dad from Galicia, technically Polish, culturally Ukrainian. You know how things go in this region when empires shift).

Stan (Heretic) said...

Hi Peter and very welcome!

The Lyon study may be explained by the improved omega-3 to omega-6 ratio (4.2 times) and perhaps by consuming more fish. It's pity theyre was no follow up or replication. Too many people must have got really scared.

Re: "Next Russian mass event"

That was the target cue for a remote viewing session I did more than a year ago. I couldn't make out a sense out of it because it depicted a scene of soldiers in blue helmets killing people during a demonstration or a riot (unsure). It didn't make a logical sense because then the only military force wearing blue helmets were the UN peace keepers, so I thought, and the UN behavior was not consistent with the scene. That's why I titled it "the mystery of the blue helmets". The current events in Georgia begun suddenly fitting the results of my session, when I noticed that the regular Russian troops started wearing blue helmets. Suddenly it all fit the facts. It is very sad. I normally avoid remote viewing tragedies but in that case it was accidental since my purpose was to get some clue as to the next thing going wrong economically in view to play some of their publicly quoted stock companies short. I did other similar sessions that were more practical, for example this one that singled out Ford.

Re: Galicia, shifting empires etc

My mom is from there too (Nisko). Our culture and temperaments are very similar in fact but I think the biggest, the most destructive force that always seemed to emphasize the differences, caused a discord and kept us apart throughout the centuries, were our Christian religious beliefs. That's one of the reasons I decided to reject that and become a Heretic. In addition, I think the problem resulted also from Polish politicians trying to restore the old Commonwealth of Poland, Lithania and Ukraine in the 1920 too quickly and without asking the people for their opinions. On the other hand, they didn't have much time to do so either and they could not easily counteract their Bolshevick opponents' propaganda ("landlords wanting to enslave the paysants etc") in any sensible way.

Stan (Heretic)

Peter said...

OK, think I understand remote viewing. Far out (not quite a UK phrase but...)

Curious re religion and Poland. Was that Rome vs Greek Orthodox? Makes me think of N Ireland.

(dragged up a mix of RC and GO, going to the Other Place nowadays, since leaving home in fact!)