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Friday, February 24, 2017

High fat diet appears to regenerate diabetic pancreas

Is this possibly a cure for diabetes type 1 ?    According to this BBC article and the quoted study, it may be so!

Interestingly, dr. Jan Kwasniewski , creator of the "Optimal Diet" has always claimed that such diet can virtually cure about 9 out of 10 of diabetes type 1, based on his personal patient's records from his own medical practice during 1970-ties and 1980-ties. The reason, according to him, is that in most cases, there are at least residual 10% of the pancreatic beta cells still intact allowing the patient to survive on the high fat diet, on about 6 insulin units per day, which is about 10% of the normal (on a high carb diet) insulin production. Such low insulin requirements is only attainable on a diet that is very low in carbohydrates, low in protein and therefore - high in fat. Dr. Kwasniewski always recommended to eat mostly animal fat and saturated fats, with a minimal to none contents of polyunsaturated vegetable oils. This is interesting because that was back in the days when the  negative impact of polyunsaturated oils upon health was not as widely known as it is now. I always admired his medical insights ever since I learned about and adopted his diet in 1999. Since I don't normally trust opinions and always try to "touch the wound", so to speak, I always made efforts to verify and test all his claims. Every time when I thought he may have been wrong about some details such as vegetable fats issue or his preference on saturated fats, or insistence that cholesterol is a good thing and egg yolks are the best food (back in the 1970-ties!) - sooner or later he turned out to have been correct!



Sam said...

I'm sure you know this but just in case. Type II diabetes can be cured by fasting. Any search for "diabetes cured by fasting" gives lots of links. Here's a decent one.

One of the reasons I posted this info is the Doctor that came up with this believed that fat was being removed from the pancreas ducts. Essentially unclogging it.

Peter said...

Stan, I know how you feel!!!!


Stan Bleszynski said...

Hi Peter. Yes I know, dr. K's views were not very well supported at that time when he started, but somehow get corroborated as time goes by. Mostly but not all. His theory of the detrimental role of pentose phosphate pathway/shunt, on the high carbohydrate diet, is still not quite confirmed. I have a suspicion or a hunch that some key ideas he got, was from his best friend prof. Sedlak who obtained them through channeling but could not or would not speak about that in public. Prof. Sedlak was a biophysicist teaching in Catholic University, you may find some of his ideas about evolutionary microbiology interesting. How is Brexit affecting you?

Best regards,
Stan (Heretic)

Stan Bleszynski said...


As you have seen, many doctors have suddenly discovered that the low carb diet, high fat diet, fasting or a combination of those, seem to cure diabetes type 2 but are not yet brave enough to admit that the carbohydrates are the problem, so are trying to obfuscate. In the sense they are partially right, carbohydrates are not the main problem - the doctors are!

Stan (Heretic)

JC said...

I'm still keeping an open mind but would like to see a number of peer reviewed studies in pubmed. JC

Stan Bleszynski said...

Hi JC,

There so many studies now that I stopped collecting the links. It is a welcome change from around 15 years ago when we first begun trolling - sorry - participating in the vegan oriented forums. The field of nutrition is more-less settled now, there are still some fringe groups that refuse to accept the facts but those will always be. As long as they do not impose upon the rest of us, I am fine with them. I am doing a lot of research and studying in other areas. Best regards,

JC said...

Stan,The data is still mixed as you can see from this study.

JC said...

Data is mixed JC

Bob said...

JC said,


From the paper:

"There has been solid evidence that long‐term high‐fat Western diet consumption..."

Come on, JC! The Western diet may be "high-fat", but that alone says nothing about the mix of fats or the amount or type of carbohydrate. The Western diet could just as easily be described as "high-sugar", "high-flour", or "all of the above".


This one just seems like propaganda for a mostly vegan diet. So, why do folks (Denise Minger immediately comes to mind) give up their veganism because their health falls apart?

JC said...

Ill agree on your first point but I cant see a possible financial reason for vegan propaganda.On the other hand the meat and dairy industry has a strong incentive.

I don't see vegans health falling apart anymore than any other dietary group.I don't know where you get that.You can find isolated cases in every dietary group.

I still have not been able to reach any conclusions about diet after all these years.The only thing I'm sure of is that a vegan diet does lower blood sugar and blood pressure at least in my case.But as I have mentioned before the benefits are GREATLY exaggerated by vegans when they make it seem the diet is a miracle cure for all problems.And the diet has some problems such as the loss of muscle.

I have a feeling that the real health benefits may come from eating less no matter ones long as its not sugar,trans fat,and junk.

JC said...

This looks promising.