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Sunday, June 9, 2024

Lectins can be anti-viral and anti-spike

. Mannose-specific lectins seems to play the role of anti-biotics for plants, protecting the plants against viral and other infections! Interestingly, mannose-specific lectins seem capable of effectively disactivating spike-protein! That is something to consider by people trying to detoxify their bodies from the co-vax.

Irreversible Inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 by Lectin Engagement with Two Glycan Clusters on the Spike Protein
infection by these viruses has been shown to be inhibited by the mannose-specific lectins cyanovirin-N (CV-N) and griffithsin (GRFT). We discovered in this study that CV-N not only inhibits SARS-CoV-2 infection but also leads to irreversibly inactivated pseudovirus particles. The irreversibility effect was revealed by the observation that pseudoviruses first treated with CV-N and then washed to remove all soluble lectin did not recover infectivity. The infection inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 pseudovirus mutants with single-site glycan mutations in spike suggested that two glycan clusters in S1 are important for both CV-N and GRFT inhibition: one cluster associated with the RBD (receptor binding domain) and the second with the S1/S2 cleavage site. We observed lectin antiviral effects with several SARS-CoV-2 pseudovirus variants, including the recently emerged omicron, as well as a fully infectious coronavirus, therein reflecting the breadth of lectin antiviral function and the potential for pan-coronavirus inactivation.
Carbohydrate Recognition by the Antiviral Lectin Cyanovirin-N
Cyanovirin-N (CVN) is a cyanobacterial lectin with potent antiviral activity and has been the focus of extensive preclinical investigation as a potential prophylactic for the prevention of the sexual transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
- Peanuts?

Monday, April 15, 2024

Spike protein, a cellular torture!


Re-posted WALTER M CHESNUT's article from Substack: "A Cellular Peine Forte et Dure: The Spike Protein Induces Almost Imperceptible Chronic Inflammation with Devastating Consequences The key cytokine is almost certainly CCL2, and this was known in 2010!", by WALTER M CHESNUT APR 15, 2024


Upregulation of the Chemokine (C-C Motif) Ligand 2 via a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Spike-ACE2 Signaling Pathway
Upregulation of the Chemokine (C-C Motif) Ligand 2 via a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Spike-ACE2 Signaling Pathway

Why is upregulation of CCL2 (MCP-1) important and why is it dangerous?

CCL2 is expressed in, among other cells, endothelial cells. It is at Ground Zero of what I have called Spike Protein Endothelial Disease (SPED). I believe this to be an initial condition (invasion) that leads to global organ dysfunction and destruction. Please search my Substack for background. CCL2 is involved in much SARS-CoV-2 sequelae.


Chemokines in tissue fibrosis

Just as I have previously hypothesized that the Spike Protein is inducing almost imperceptible “micro-tumors,” I have also hypothesized about it causing constant organ damage. This is through inducing almost imperceptible constant inflammation, which, ultimately also explains the accelerated aging I predicted the virus and its Spike Protein would cause. There is now proof of this mechanism.

A study published Friday proves that this low-level, constant inflammation is, indeed, occurring.


Cardiovascular symptoms of PASC are associated with trace-level cytokines that affect the function of human pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytes

This slow burn. Eroding all organs little by little. It is Bond-level diabolical. Of course, certain authorities would have us believe that the Bat and the Pangolin have managed to "create" one of the most stealthy and cruel conditions one could conceive – imagine what Humans could do!

We must investigate further. I believe that the Spike, via its amyloidogenic properties, either self-replicates, or is retrotranscribed into host DNA, or both. This is also further evidence that avoiding the Spike Protein (in ALL of its forms) and keeping an anti-inflammatory diet is critical. At least until we have a full understanding of the long-term effects of the Spike Protein and how to deal with them.

Thank you, as always, for your support, readership and dialog.

Monday, December 4, 2023

Ivermectin Kills Prostate Cancer Cells


 Reblogged from JAMES-LYONS-WEILER substack article 


New Study: How Ivermectin Kills Prostate Cancer Cells

I was doing the background research for my lecture on Prostate Cancer in my IPAK-EDU Course, The Biology of Cancer, looking for treatments that enhance genomic instability - and Guess What?

I spent the first semester of my course, The Biology of Cancer, reviewing all of the aspects of The Hallmarks of Cancer. This morning, firing up Pubmed to continue preparing my lecture prostate cancer, I found this gem of a study, which happens to be a collaboration between my former employer, The University of Pittsburgh, and Southern Medical University-Guangzhou. I don’t know the authors:

Title: Integrated analysis reveals FOXA1 and Ku70/Ku80 as targets of ivermectin in prostate cancer

The authors exposed various prostate cancer cells lines to Ivermectin and found that ivermectin binds to two proteins: FOXA1 and Ku70/Ku80. This leads to the inhibition of androgen receptor (AR), E2F1 expression, and DNA damage repair activity. The cells stopped dividing (G0/G1 cell cycle arrest), experience extensive DNA damage, and die.

A retrospective study of the rates of cancer and rates of death from cancer among unvaccinated people who prophylactically used Ivermectin over a long period of time vs those who did not is in order.


Link:  https://popularrationalism.substack.com/p/new-study-how-ivermectin-kills-prostate

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Israeli gov data shows much higher death rate after 2nd vax!


To verify that the data is real, I am posting the following link. The graph screenshot above is from the Israeli gov website, showing the same graph: 

Their government is trying to explain away the death rate increase starting 31 days following first vaccination by the "healthy early vaccination volunteer" effect.    

Quote (google translated from Hebrew):

4. Results Mortality 4.1
All those vaccinated in two doses until the end of October 2021 (before the start of the micron wave) were included  who died during the 60-day follow-up from the vaccination and who were not positive for corona (1815 cases). Figure 1 shows the distribution of the number of deaths according to the duration of the vaccination.

 Chart 1: Distribution of deaths according to the number of days from the day of vaccination


In the chart it appears that there are much fewer mortality events in the first period (540) compared to the period The second (1.275) The explanation for this phenomenon is probably related to a bias called vaccinee healthy effect [ 4 .] Those who come to be vaccinated are apparently healthier in relation to the general population. people Those who do not feel well, are hospitalized or those who are in a life-threatening situation do not come to get vaccinated, and even There was a clear directive to the public about this. Therefore, in the first days after the vaccination, it is likely that we will see  Less mortality than usual among the vaccinated. Because of this bias, we actually couldn't prove the Hypotheses.

 Appendix 1 shows the distribution of mortality among the study population up to 200 days
from the vaccine.

Monday, October 16, 2023

The critical role of spurious symbols


The critical role of spurious symbols

Lawrence Pitchko, professional musician and master teacher often points out the role of spurious symbols in musical scores, often overlooked by performers sometimes even edited out in transcriptions. One example he gave was Bethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. When played from the score, the fact that it consists of two different “songlines” played in two tacts “2” and 3/4”  is often missed if the bar is read in the linear fashion as the linear seqence of notes, ignoring special notes. Another example are “breathing” markers in the score to accommodate breathing pauses for wind intruments and vocals. The presence and following of such special markers and notes makes a difference between perception of the music performed being descibed as “alive” or “dead”.

Natural written languages

It is interesting to note that a similar importance of the special, spurious or redundant symbols in the written scripts of natural languages. Many if not all natural languages have more letters or characters than sounds giving the scribes an opportunity to encode a certain extra information or imposing subtle variants the meaning. For example old Cyrillic alphabet had 49 letters many of which were deemed redundant or meaningless (and eventually thrown out by Romanovs’ “reforms”) - but may have in fact been useful for conveying extra supra-vocal (beyond audible) information, such as an alternative meaning, accents,  emotion or intention. In the languages using synthetic, simplified (or “simplistic”)  alphabets such as Latin, the supra-vocal encoding was accomplished by necessity through using multiple lettering (for example “through”) as symbols. There is a perception of natural languages being more “alive” as opposed to synthetic simplified languages such as Esperanto often perceived as “dead” or stagnant.

Deterioration of written information and error correction.

Disadvantage of written information as opposed to a knowledge committed to memory and retold by living humans resides in the fact that the former is static and lives only as long as the material it is written on,  and it cannot correct itself, while the latter is adaptible to evolving language or to evolving knowledge and understanding. The problem with the static non-self correctability of the written scriptural information can be mitigated to some extent by having a certain degree of redundacy built-in thus the tendency of the old written scripts to retain more letters and symbols rather than less.

Biological encoding. 

This brings us to the subject of DNA (and beyond just the 3D physical molecular carrier).  The degree of redundancy and non-active genetic encoding and the ability to store the DNA backup “in the cloud”  is probably essential for the long term survival of the species, making the notion of the information being “live” - literal rather than figurative! 

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Division by zero length vectors in Clifford Algebra

.3-rd grade Clifford algebra Cl3,0(R) has division operators defined as the inverse of the product. For example if a,b are Clifford vectors then the division operations / \ of those two produce other Clifford vectors d and s such that 

a/b=d <=> a=b*d

a\b=s <=> a=s*b

Those are definitions of the right-hand-side (/) with the right-hand-sode quotient d, and the left-hand-side (\) division operator with the left-hand-side quotient s. Here below we discuss only the right hand side division as an example.

Division operations are restricted to vectors b such that b is not equal 0 and the modulus (length) of b is also non-zero. There is one exception to this restriction: division may be defined for the cases when both a and b are vectors of zero length and are aligned in the same direction (that is have a common zero-length multiplier, for example the (Dirac) spinor base vector (1-f)/2 where f is the unity primary base Clifford vector. Note that any unity vector can be used instead of f , for example (e+f)/sqrt(2) etc.  It is interesting to note that the zero length Clifford vectors represent physical objects propagating at the speed of light, such as photons.  

An example of a special case when a and b are zero-length and are both aligned to the same zero-base (1-f)/2 is:


where f is a unity base vector, one out of the 3 primary Clifford algebra generator vectors: 

    {e,f,g} (note: ee=ff=gg=1 and efg=i).

Using the definition of  the right-hand-side division (/) above, we obtain:

    a/b=(1-f)/(1-f) = v + (1-v)(1-f)/2 = 1 + (1-v)(1+f)/2

this can be also written as  exp( u*(1+f)/2 )  

where v, u are arbitrary vectors or complex numbers


    (v + (1-v)(1-f)/2)(1-f) = v(1-f) + ( (1-v)(1-f)/2)(1-f) =

    v(1-f) + (1-v)(1-f) = (v + 1-v)(1- f) = (1-f)  


A general formula for the zero by zero quotient aligned with the (1-f)/2 spinor base is as follows: 

      a/b =  q*exp(u(1+f)/2)  

 (where q is the nonzero vector part of a: a=q(1-f) , b=(1-f) and u is an arbitrary Clifford vector


Thursday, August 3, 2023

Viruses as genetical information from the future

.This is based on the ideas by V. Kordium [add references]


Evolution strives to preserve genetic material against natural deterioration degradation in the short term due to noise.  This is achieved through over-reproduction and natural environmental selection.  The more environmental selection ("survival of the fittest") stages i.e. acquatic --> land --> air, -  the more efficient is that short term (thousands to hundred thousands  of years) protection against genetical code degradation, in favor of stability.  The more environmental stages involved during an individual life (i.e. aquatic,land,air etc) the more effective this short term error correction becomes witnessed by the extremely slow evolution speed of insects as opposed to quicker rate for mammals, and even quicker mutation rate of microorganisms.

However, this trend towards stability (stasis) may lead to a progressive detrimental loss of certain spurious or obsolete (for the time being) genetical information and genetical diversity, which is counter to the long term adaptability and works against the long term (1-100 millions of years) survival of the genome against major catastrophies or even a survival of an entire biosphere including the information-sphere ("Noosphere") may be at stake as it must have happened several times in Earth's geological history.  

Viruses may play a vital role in redistributing and preserving such presently "obsolete": but futurely essential genetic information! This process can be dubbed "back from the future" evolutionary transmission. 

[Acknowledgment: Alex "Trickster" Selkin, many thanks for the refs!]

References (Listing page)


References (Selected)


Кордюм В.А Эволюция и Биосфера. Киев. Наукова Думка 1982 г.

В монографии анализируется современное (1982 г.) состояние эволюционной теории. Подробно рассматриваются последние достижения в изучении переноса генетической информации у живых организмов. На основании обширного литературного материала и собственных данных произведена количественная оценка информационного окружения и, поступления в различные живые существа по конкретным информационным каналам материального носителя наследственности. Демонстрируется универсальность разбираемого процесса, который имеет место не только у прокариотов, но и у организмов с дифференцированным ядром. Развиваются представления о том, что для более правильной оценки эволюционных событий должна быть введена информационная составляющая эволюции.

Для биологов, селекционеров, преподавателей и студентов биологических факультетов.


Кордюм В. А. Viruses evolution – an attempt of non-linear prognosis. Biopolym. Cell. 2001; 17(6):467-486. http://dx.doi.org/10.7124/bc.0005D6

The non-traditional ideas about the possible evolution of the infections (mainly, viral), and its mechanisms are discussed and analysed in the review. The formation of Noosphere as a self-sufficient system, alternative to Biosphere caused the explosive (as for the scope and the rate) viral evolution. The discrepancy between the rate of viral variability and the rise of new infections is noted which suggests the «indefinition of infections». The acceleration and direction of the evolution of the infections (mainly, viral) a forecasted. The condition about the «ranges» of the infections' evolution is proved and the criteria for such «ranges» are formulated. The beginning of pure Noosphere contribution into the evolution of the infections is noted.


Kordyum V. A.What are our "garbage", its scavenging and the consequences of this phenomenon. Biopolym. Cell. 2002; 18(6):457-466.


Questions concerning a wide group of the organism vital activity waste formed and transformed in tissues are discussed. The definition of this waste, named as "garbage", is given. This designation is complementary to the term "scavenger receptor", the receptor through which the absorption of this group of vital activity garbage takes place. On the basis of analysis of "garbage" formation and utilization, possible pathological processes in the organism are considered, and the existence of a separate pathology form named «scavenger-syndrome», is postulated.


The concept presented is confirmed by both direct experiments on the genetic markers transfer and microscopic observations. The authors formulate an idea that there is a universal informational space of the organism, created due to the DNA release within the lifetime of cells without destroying their genomes (and DNA absorption, complementing the mutations) or due to the addressed transfer of genetic material by specialized cells.


This essay aims to define the origin, expansion, and evolution of living matter. The first formations, identified as remains, fossils, traces etc. of life are almost as old as the Earth itself. During four billion years, life on the Earth has continuously existed and been implemented in the range of conditions, ensuring the liquid state of water. During the entire period of life existence, its evolution was proceeding with the tendency of multidirectionality, after each catastrophe tending to the diversity and vastness of distribution, and all the currently living species, regardless of their complexity, have the same evolutionary age. The property of reproductive surplus (multiplication) is inherent in all the living matter. The reproduction of all the living matter is implemented via the “development” – a process of continuous occurrence of something new that did not exist in the previous moment in the reproduced individual at each specific moment of time with the tendency towards the reproduction of a “copy”. In its fundamental basis, Life is based on a programme, its material support is implemented and exists not in the field of causative-consecutive events, but in the field of programmed-causative-consecutive events. This predetermines the “biology laws”, the behaviour of the material constituent of Life at each time period, and the future of the material constituent of life


The review briefly describes the history of prediction and discovery of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). The evolution of our views on the nature, functions, and status of MSCs in the organism is presented. We propose that MSCs represent transient states of different cells. The MSCs are involved in tissue repair by programmed replacement of the dying or dead cells). They also induce o renewal of specialized differentiated cells by action of specific signal molecules). MSCs might also participate in the continuous renewal of an organism during its lifetime.


The problem of oncogenesis from the point of view of molecular genetics is analyzed. The special attention is paid to the genome instability as the main reason of the malignant cells growth. It is pointed out that the genome instability provides the material for the selection. An immune control system destroys everything what it can destroy. But at the same time it creates the «own» tumor for each patient, which is not recognized by the immune control system as a harmful one.


The ideas about viruses as tools for transduction of the genetic information in tlie biosphere that provide unity of all living beings in global scale have been developed in this article. According to these ideas, tlie previous and modern meaning of notion «virus», as an infectious basis that evokes pathologic events, does not correspond to new facts and should be radically reconsidered.


Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Clifford Algebra and Physics

.There is a noticably higher interest in Clifford algebra among quantum physicists and pure matematicians. I am noticing more posts on Twitter, google searches and a number of new lectures on Youtube. I have to refresh this subject, making a few important reminders about the optimal choice of a Clifford algebra (there are many!) for people who are going to study the subject in physics.  

- It is important to pick an algebra that can be generated out of basic operators of uniform signature than mixed one in order to minimize the number of initial assumptions. For example Cl3,0(R) is more naturally symmetrical than Cl3,1(R) .  

- It is important that the selected Clifford algebra is “self-complexifying”, that is generates Complex number field naturally as it’s own subalgebra. Such algebras allow associating a physical interpretation to imaginary numbers in natural fashion, otherwise  Complex number field has to be introduced as a basic assumption rather than follow naturally from the algebra. There are two self-complexifying Clifford algebras of interest: Cl3,0(R) and Cl7,0(R). Their complexified isomorphs are Cl(2)xC and Cl(6)xC, respectively. The second one is more difficult to work with because of its non-associativity.

- I need to stress that the particular Clifford algebra most often employed in quantum physics lectures Cl3,1(R) to express Dirac equation and spinors is not the best choice because it is the 4-rth ‘grade’ algebra. Clifford algebras beyond grade 3 are non-associative ( a product abc evaluates differently depending on whether you evaluate ab first and right multiply by c versus first muliply bc and then left multiply by a). It is very difficult to use non-associative algebras, in particular to reduce formulae or evaluate solutions.

- I strongly recommend to use Cl3,0(R) with natural bilinear form(metrics) of Q(p,q) = pq’ + qp’ [where ()’ is quaternion conjugate]  rather than the most common Cl3,1 in physics. In Cl3,0(R) the three basic generator operators e,f,g represent 3 physical directions (for example x,y,z) while Time direction is represented by identity operator I. It is customary in algebra to write I as number 1, interchangeably. In algebra Cl3,0 all bases square to +I  that is ee=ff=gg=I=1 ( in algebra Cl3,1 e,f,g square to +I and operator h representing time axis squares to -I).  The full Cl3,0(R) algebra is 8-dimensional with the full base being{1,e,f,g,ie,if,ig,i} where i=efg (note: ef=-fe, fg=-gf, ge=-eg).

- It is important to chose the mathematical modelling tool that has the sufficient complexity such as the number of degree of freedom (dimensions) that can reproduce physics but no more than that. For example Dirac matrics spinor calculus uses 4x4 complex  matrices (gamma matrices) which have 4x4x2=32 degrees of freedom, as opposed to Cl3,0(R) spinor model which has 8 degrees of freedom. A math model which has too many degrees of freedom than needed has to have additional constrains imposed to limit the domain. Cl3,0(R) doesn’t need any additional constrains, anything that it generates has a physical counterpart and vice versa: any physical concept can be modelled using it (perhaps with the exception of gluons and quarks, which may require Cl7,0(R) but I am not 100% convinced about it).

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Non-local comunication of living cells proven by Michael Levin in regeneration phenomena


In this video Lance Hitchings describes dr. Michael Levin (Tuft's University, 2022) proving that cellular communication has a global nature with the morphogenetic/electromagnetic bio-network, rather than cell-to-cell. Cell-to-cell communication would not explain the full extent of the regeneration phenomena. 

My comment: 

1/ "bioelectric networks" = Sheldrake's "Morphogenetic Field". 

2/ In my opinion, the physics of the non-local morphogenetic network communication is based on the quantum condensate phenomenon and non-local quantum entanglement between a cell and the collective of cells, by the effect taking place in the cellullar membranes resonating in the samef quantum state forming a BE condensate among cells. 


Regeneration: the blueprint - Morphological Target is stored in the "biolelectric network". Triggering the regeneration process (of a missing limb, for example) is achieved by exposing the wound to "Amniotic Fluid" (LYMPH). Aging is caused by losing information and added noise into the Bioelectric Morphologic Network. The Bioelectric Morphologic Network is NOT stored in genetics!  Bioelectric Information is stored in cellular membranes.  Cellular membranes storing the Bioelectric Morphology are Bose Einstein Condensate connecting across 5D quantum space-time-phase, tapping an information across time and space barrier NONLOCALLY!

See my article on BE Condensate in biomembranes from 2015.
( you need a google account needed to view it, no password to read ):